Blade & Soul make such an edit to the story

Gtx 980 here too with 2500K and 8GB ram , and when i go to the tree zone , where you take many pvp quests , i get low fps 40-50 fps tops ... i get like 6-20 fps even with my powerful laptop, gtx 980, 4710 i7, 16 ram, windows 10 Blade & Soul Gold . Blade & Soul We really need an OCEANIA server, the game is amazing but we cant fully enjoy it with our 200+ PING T_T the petition already has 6.2k+ supporters, isn't that enough for a Server?

No one has answered me on what happens to the items given to the beta testers for Christmas? Are to going to be in our accounts still, do we lose them or are they only for the paid players accounts and the F2P testers lose them? I've a question, there will be the mounts on the game? And what about the armor's bonus? Just for curiosity. I didn't get a reply last time. I guess the team managing the facebook page probably don't know BNS Gold. But has there been any update on whether the story will be returned to normal or not?

E.g. Has the time travel part of the story been put back in? (I don't know how you would even allow your localiser to make such an edit to the story). Even though I was originally really looking forward to the game I don't intend to support it with story changed like that.

Good insight. Been wanting to read/learn a bit more about the whole transmuting process. and the chances is slim are so slim , i burned 30g & got nothing decent.. This is one of the features I had a hard time with. Thanks for info. The game needs to hurry so i can make a character just to stare at its butt.  IP Block right? Im in Asian region, i want to play even i expect i will experience slight delay.


FFXIV additional dungeons & chocobo

You clearly missed what I first posted because for some reason you seemed to think I was directly insulting you. Sure my tone could have been different but you're just complaining and clearly won't be happy with anything given to you.

Again, if you don't find the game content engaging, thoughtful, meaningful.. FFXIV Gil .then find another game to play.
You mention things "could" have been better but fail to actually mention where they could be improved. You call things lackluster but fail to provide evidence.

My point is, you whine and complain. Yet you cannot even produce a string of code, let alone a game. You're telling SE how to do things but you know absolutely nothing other than what YOU think is wrong with the game.

My ilvl only shows I've found "engaging, meaningful content" where you clearly have not. Carli pumpkin... Why must you be such butthurt bish?? Why in the flyin hell would you take offense to pumpkin?! Got grandparents?? Been called pumpkin or dear or youngin or any other genderless term of endearment?? Why did you even bring an ilvl into this difference of opinions??  Bman, she's clearly not reading. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I've mentioned story content, relic grinding, queuing with a chocobo, and additional dungeons, but she's saying that I'm not referencing what should improve.
As for your ilvl, that only shows that you've run Diadem and Alexander repeatedly. Next flawed argument, please.


Any info on Close beta dates

Only your character information will be wiped, your account will still exist. I am totally going to redo the Destroyer now i know how to plat and do the missions faster.& Blade and Soul Gold ; Is there will be having ip restriction to access this game? Manufacturers eager for us to create an account and activate your account by Email. why create an account yet registered mobile phone number sms code papoose carrier k 30s saw post code. Been not playing the open beta's because I don't wanna wear myself out for launch!

Any info on Close beta dates? Thinking of getting founder pack. Is there anyway to get key for CBT 3 this coming nov.24? i just have 1 problem i cant resume download of any game with nc soft downloader so i hope u would provide a torrent file for the game or a download app supports resuming downloading at any time and any numbers of pauses thx. I was able to resume the download with the NCSoft launcher just fine during CBT. It just scanned the files quickly and would start where it left out.

When the game is released, Blade and Soul Buy Gold will we have to redownload the entire client, or will what we have downloaded from the closed beta just be continued/added on with the new stuff? Yea, unless they make the launcher better I don't mind having to re download it all, but my download speed kept going and dropping over and over in the cbt. It wasn't my internet either as everything else worked fine. Yeah, mine as well, my download speed went from max to 0 all the time while my internet was normal. It would be good if they used a launcher like WildStar's.i know how you feel yeiner xD after around 46 narrow runs to get my evolve weapon .. just to run out of keys and have to end up buying one for NCcoins .... i kinda feel connected to my work on that account xD. Guys EVERY GAME delete all the progress you made in the beta and u know why? BECAUSE IS A BETA! THE SERVERS GET WIPED FOR THE FINAL VERSION.


fifa 16 pc game play

Can any one tell me when the game. Will be ready to download. For pc? All manual controls or nothing. Makes you an incredibly better player.  Chryston Floyd remember when i hit u this and u started to cry. Subscribe this channel buy Aion Kinah for more one of the best FUT 16 videos !

Currently Ozil is way better than Eriksen but Eriksen will improve ! update more important faces for #FIFA16 please:) lli,Ozil,Sterling,Fabregas, Sahko,Origi, Reus,Martial and Depay please) I  Ozil has been better this year. Eriksen has been good but could be better. And felix poser Ozil isn't the best playmaker in the prem it's David silva by far. Özil Aion Gold is The best Playmaker in The BPL !!!
Greatings from Germany.  please please can u check my acconte i always sold players and i get less money then i sold ? now i sale ronaldo with 5500000 and i get 300k less its always like this .. maybe i have to pay tax no !!!!??  you could ask that fifeiros send their great goal .. I am from brasil ..

Eriksen is not bad at all and Özil is also 5 years older so... There is Nothing to say about that. I think playing for an ok team in Erikson's case will develop a player more. If he moved to an OP team like Barca/Bayern or MCity he'd be doing great. Last I saw, the number 47 is a lot bigger then 25! Why is the color leaning towards Eriksen?! When are fifa Gunna do some new commentary?!?! I play Fifa for fun and realism. If there's no realism, there's no fun. This happens every game on fifa. With every team. Every team plays the same. Boring and made for kids. You could use low star teams but that's irrelevant. I always play against worldclass, and fix computers defence, midfield and striking to make it hard for me to score. This way it becomes more realistic. In stead of complaining try.


SE won't stop until everyone has butt wings Pretty coo

SE won't stop until everyone has butt wings Pretty cool, excited to see what the Knights of the Round....gun looks like. He was the 13th knight don't hate.  i just want actual daggers for ninja and not swords or something blunted like a cleaver from titan.Are you sure you're not mistaking this for another Cheap FFXIV Gil ? It's not really leveling, but more so getting up to date gear and learning the new dungeons and what not. I been away for 2 years as well, I have a 50 botanist, 50 miner, 50 goldsmith and 50 dragoon.

I played a couple weeks forth last month, and I was lost, forgot how to do the rotation, forgot basic controls, even forgot how to change jobs.
When I remembered how to change jobs, I started leveling a low character. It seemed so easy before. I wonder if he and the other former Warriors of Light from the battle during the Calamity are being controlled by the Ascians.  Ooooo thralls (very strong ones at that) for the rejoining! They could totally do an Ark Angels fight from XI! Fighting all the tempered WoL's at once would be pretty amazing! Hmm, I always thought the Hyur "Warrior of Light" was meant to be a stand-in for your character, but it would be pretty interesting if they turned him into an actual character in his own right. The Warrior of Light from before the Calamity, corrupted by Buy FFXIV Gil Ascians... hmm.

 Hope they have the cool KOTR names like Gwain's Axe, Bors' Gloves, Tristan's bow, et cetera.  I just got my new main class mnk to 60 going away from my blm with a glowly stick and mnk going to have some kitty claws.  Should put some monster hunter armour in this game heh. that tank set is on fire! can't wait to stomp some enemies repeatedly to get it all lmao looks good was hoping to see DRK weapon or NIN since i don't main any of those but still good all around.I'm in the same boat, but it says "teases SOME of the new rewards." So here's to hoping they have something for the other classes. Yeah, I mean... I use a book... so I assume it's going to be a metallic silver book... but still. Tease all the things.


messi won 3 world cups,

Quit trying to compare players, they were all great at their time and era. When i see messi play, in my eyes thats the best player i seen in history... ronaldo has some crazy skills, FIFA 16 coins very technical and fast. But let's be honest, with all that talent that messi and ronaldo have, they still have not wom a single world cup... Pele did it three times, thats what makes him the greatest of all time. j'appy 1000 birthday to grand légend the football. that is pele Yo this man is the only man who has really met his peak of how he played , still happy birthday man.

If EA, Fifa 15,16 are able to launch these series of legends' card, such as Pele, Maradona etc. Then the game will be awesome. I wonder how pele would get on now that nobody is allowed to put in tackles anymore he probably score hundreds mpre than he did and would be worth the same if not more than messi or ronaldo.  EA SPORTS FIFA EA SPORTS update more facial scan to more realism to Premier League (Fàbregas, Otamendi,Sterling,Firminho,Watford,Bourthmonth,Gomez, Origi,Deulofeu, Joselu,Gabriel,Depay, Darmian,Martial,Sahko) and update hairs Naismith,Ayew PLEASE:) Congratulations for the game! buy FIFA 15 coins #FIFA16

Today was born Kazimierz Deyna, legend of polish football . Messi and CR7 are the greatest..Times have changed..  Like if Messi and cr7 are way better than pelè!!.  Messi and ronaldo r never gonna b like pele cuz he won the world cup more than once and he scored more than 1500 goals he is the true god of football #FuckMessi&Rinaldo #ThemythTheLegend #PeleTheTrueKing

There are hundreds of princes, but only one true king. Happy birthday to the man that did what no one thought was possible. I barley learned about u thx to Fifa but ur a legend that will never die,  A true great. Graceful yet strong. A play maker and play breaker. The best player of his time, like all great players are. You can't compare them, they just were and are, legend. Same birthday date as me sadly i do not have his football skills. The man won 3 world cups, please do not bring up cr7 and messi here. None of those two are ever going to win one world cup.


fix the item description pop

Does this means we have more stupid moogle chasing from point A to point B? For the love of god, stop forcing players to grind to get to certain parts or get certain things. There are better ways to lengthen playtime other than making us do the same thing repeatedly.. it's stupid, and we notice things like this. RETURN BRD STATS...!! FOR GOD SAKE..!!! People like me "main bard" can't even enter ALEX Savage.! Because everyone expects so much damage.! Most statics now don't even recruit a bard. THANKS FOR RUINING BARD. And peoples fun Buy FFXIV Gils.!

feel free to use this friend code. Whats the most populated server right now. I wish they would fix the item description pop to somewhere else on the hud when I'm skimming over items.. Lmao another sheep that judges before he plays. Please stay away from our community with that attitude! You're an idiot if you think this game is ANYTHING like WoW FFXIV Gil. Ive played, was a server first on twintania. So any opinion that differs from yours is judgemental and negative? It really isn't a WoW clone.... if Twin is as far as you've gotten then you have much, much more to see. Ive been really tempted to come back, just only having to spam dungeons for tomes killed me. It does have some of the most amazing gfx I have ever seen in a game. I also remember how much of Titan extreme rocked everyone.

And i call it a wow clone not as a derogatory remark but comparison as what wow did was a genius formula that sold and still sells. Like i was saying, im an old school 11 fan so many variants do look and feel like wow to me when comparing mechanics. He's right though. This game wouldn't be anything without wow. The whole mmo genre was made by wow.


Heavensward was a phenomenal expansion

Anyone looking to start and want a Recruit a Friend invite? I.... Want it... I can serenade people with the help of moogles. No more moogles, or I will put them in a blender. They look like popcorn because of how tiny they are. I might accidentally eat one. what's up with their lod? Pre-Ordered last month the little dudes stole my heart, as well as the brilliant music of FFXIV FFXIV Gil.

no moonfaire this year??  Pre-Ordered last month the little dudes stole my heart, as well as the brilliant music of FFXIV. no moonfaire this year???
Anyone looking to start and want a Recruit a Friend invite? I.... Want it... I can serenade people with the help of moogles. No more moogles, or I will put them in a blender. They look like popcorn because of how tiny they are. I might accidentally eat one. what's up with their lod? Pre-Ordered last month the little dudes stole my heart, as well as the brilliant music of FFXIV.

no moonfaire this year??  Pre-Ordered last month the little dudes stole my heart, as well as the brilliant music of FFXIV. no moonfaire this year???  Moogle minion madness ensues in the latest Developers’ Blog entry, Mooglepalooza!  As much as I love Moogles, Heavensward drove me to the cheap FFXIV Gil point of insanity and a dull hatred for them.
Lazy little floofs.But Heavensward was a phenomenal expansion, for what I got to enjoy anyway lol.


White Mage and Scholar are both very good to start FFXIV

White Mage and Scholar are both very good to start FFXIV.

You need both a WHM and a SCH in any endgame fight buy FFXIV Gil. Now in 3.0 astrologian have a nice trade off. It can switch from shield type healer or a main healer like WHM. The down side is it's a long cool down so you would stay as one during the fight. The really good up side is if you have a WHM in the party then you switch to shield mode if you have a SCH in your party you switch over to main healer. So it the best job for the people that enjoy playing both. But for now i would level both them up and see which one you like better FFXIV Gil.

Scholar is better at healing single target party members while White Mage is better at healing AoE.both are needed for endgame content. if you leveled SCH then u got leveled SMN also. but you got unicorn mount if you leveled WHM till lv 30 grin emoticon.You'll find you own preferred Job, personally I love SCH and I main it, I have a WHM too but I just don't gel with it as much.

I main both. I like both for different reasons. You may prefer one over the other... or you may just prefer both. You'll find it out as you level both.Current ideal raid set up is one of each, good sch are hard to find though sometimes. Which is why i pray mine never leaves my static.It comes down to play style. I am a reactive healer so I at whm (secondary now as I main blm) and Ollie is a preactive healer meaning he is great at being a sch because he knows when to mitigate moves etc. another way to look at it is whm is your more big and bursty heals while sch is about shielding and mitigating the damage.


The Cost of the sub is nothing compared to bills

The Cost of the sub is nothing compared to bills and mortgages you have to pay FFXIV Gil later in life Jerry, adding the tiny sub on top is like buying a pizza once a month. sigh well idk whats in your brains but im done dealing with idiots i dont deal with them and i dont go low as them so until you know me or cheap FFXIV gil walked a mile in my shoes or skin then i recomend not replying its a pointless effort and you all are idiots who think this game is better than everything else.

There you go again about how hard it is to be you and calling others idiots when you are the one still living with mommy and daddy with no job no prospects and hating those who dont agree with you.

I shouldn't be in the conversation? That's rich coming from the person bitching about a game not being free to play...despite following that game on Facebook. Why are you following a game that you don't play, have never played and will never play? If anyone doesn't belong in the conversation its you. We are the players, we are the people who support the game and the ones who help shape it. You call me a try hard because i am willing to buy FFXIV Gil pay to play and support a game that I enjoy? Well I call you a self absorbed lazy little brat who thinks the world owes him something, who will whine and moan if he doesn't get what he wants because you're unwilling to earn anything for yourself. cheap FFXIV gil Next time how about you take your own advice and "stfu" on things that don't concern you.


DFO FS sader

What if the ranger pulled out a bow and arrow and it shoots through guys and pins them against a wall? Can someone tell me where i can get some help...I am having issues with bugs in the game....and can not get anyone to answer me about them.

OT but I'd also like Fair PVP to be back, even if the character advantages are "minor" you should still give us buy Dungeon Fighter Gold the option to play on an even playing field with the opponent.

For my FS sader, realistically i want a self buff that makes all my other buffs for a short time buff the whole party. Unrealistically I want DFO Gold my sader to buff himself with an explosion that every 2 seconds explodes dealing 9001% weapon damage . I would like more skills for Asura that use the Wave Brands. An actual wave sword that consumed one or more brand would be nice, I think. Something to work off of the Asura's Second Awakening Indra's lightning passive. Not that I know what that is!

for Female Grappler, I want Hurricane Superplex already

But in terms of skills not yet in DFO, I have to agree, Ranger needs some new skills, something that has more use with the revolvers. Unfortunately, the only skill I can think of at the moment would belong to Female Grapplers, a passive that would make the down fling into a jump up-throw down with a bigger shockwave!


ffxiv summon Alexander

 Doesn't that castle sorta look like the summon Alexander from Final Fantasy 9? I think i remember reading that Alexander is going to be the new 'coil'. I heard it would be the next Ct, but we won't know for sure till we see it. They said its gonna replace coil alexander is where u go 2 get the high lvl gear like coil. Nope, it doesn't look like FFXIV Gil.

Neil, It is Coil, not Coils.

I jumped on the benchmark first thing when I got home, cheap FFXIV gil to try designing my Au Ra. I love most everything about this game, but I'm so disappointed with the female Au Ra faces! I was able to tweak the one with the laid back horns enough to fix it, but the club and fin horn faces just look dopey. The eyes droop, the faces are giant and square... And where is the horn customization mentioned in that video interview?
 I could care less about twitter, but I want to see the new race
i rather wait til he expansion comes out then i will try it out
Why does my laptop have to be crap, well guess I have to wait for early access to play with character creator on ps4 cheap FFXIV Gil
US and Canada only... again? buy FFXIV gil Man that's a Shame. US and Canada is just a part of America, not all...
 I don't recall seeing Au Ra character creation being available on the Benchmark. I had three options, one was a pre-made Hyur and the other two were two of my save slots.
Also you can start with the pre-made Hyur, and just change the race.
Open the benchmark. It's on the bottom left. Says character creation.


Playing DFO to do the challenge

CEO. I recently asked someone else to play DFO for me to do the challenge since I have exams to finish. I gave him my e-mail address DFO gold and passwords so that he could do that. However, now I found that I could not log in my account since all my account information including my register e-mail address and passwords are incorrect. Can your team do something to help me get back my account? I felt really sad since I start at obt1 and now I found my account was stolen by someone .
Your account wasn't stolen, you gave them the account to do the work for you and was surprised when they didn't give it back. You violated TOS by having other people play it for you.
This applies to pretty much every game, u should not have given ur information to anyone for something like this will definitely happen if u do. If u couldnt play ur char for one day, don't sweat it cause ur fp will carry onto tomorrows fp and ull get 2x exp For the amoint of fp u didn't buy DFO gold use for the day before.
you need more channels for lv70s.
True, I am pretty sure the dev team is aware of this issue.
I keep getting a error massage "Failed to install files. buy DFO gold  - 1 Check you disk space for availability Please free up enough space and restart your computer" I turned off firewall and rebooted the computer but nothing, I have at least 100GB left on my hard drive so that should be an issue
 If you are using mods you have to re allow the NPK index for every patch


how to choose main job for FFXIV

If I have XIV on pc and not on ps4 but I have the free trial on ps4 and if I buy heavensword for ps4 do I need the original xiv for ps4 in order to play. But you only need to buy the collector's edition on one platform and it would work for FFXIV Gil both since that's account-based, if you're interested in that stuff.

Dam must finish main story first , must get going just to play dark knight ! As a WHM I want to try Astrologian. Maybe it will be my new main job or it will work very well with my WHM.  I like how the Dark Knights are like the Rogues, as far as lore.
buy FFXIV gil
 Is it true it'll come out same time as Mac version? Yeah, Mac version and DX11 release at the same time as Heavensward.i want some game play for the dark knight please D: maby even some abilitys. no more region restrict on steam please, i wanna play through steam .


make a EU version of FFXIV contest

Is there any intention to make a EU version of FFXIV contest?  But I can naturally do a posh English voice that would sound better then the forced ones in game.  Goddamit im English why cant I enter?
buy FFXIV Gil
Well, there is hardly any voice acting in this game as it is.  Honestly with how bad most of the voice acting is, this won't be too hard for the participants.

  I have considered going into voice acting, it would fun to try this, however, I am from the UK, so I am not eligible to enter :S   Too Bad i live in Mexico... it would be fun to do VA for this game in spanish.

 Wouldn't mind doin a collab with some folks for this.& FFXIV Gil;  I prefer to hear different accents in Europe than American.Aww this sounds so fun! I wish I could join ;www; can you stop limiting these events to regions.    I have sooo many idea for a comedy entry, but can't enter as I live in the eu.


FFXIV gold saucer is great

The gold saucer and the end of the "story" were not real content update patches so its 6 months with the same expert dungeons, keeper of the lake and amdapor hard make me sick already. meh

Some other guy above you complained about FFXIV Gil the same thing. If not content updates then what are they exactly? I am finally excited to have an MMO to play that will allow me to catch up to the 40 year old men in mom's basement who grind the game 15+ hours a day for someone who works 40 hr work weeks and tries to balance a life (somewhat) outside of FF. I am also happy they are holding back Alexander raids for two weeks after HW release buy FFXIV Gil, so people aren't tryng to bum rush in. Bravo SE. You're doing great!

It's pretty amusing that players still point at the job as being bad rather than the player. There's nothing wrong with the dragoon job or any of the others for that matter. A bad player is just a bad player not a lol<insert job>.


DfO is the best mmo

Screw everyone complaining about FP. It's a system that's been in place in the original version of the game since release. Playing with FP is playing the game is it was intended; nobody should feel entitled to play as much as they want DFO Gold. Furthermore, is it SO BAD that an in-game resource has to tell you when you should go do something else? We spend too much time behind screens these days, so do yourselves a favor and get out and do shit! DFO is amazing, and keeping this system in place ensures you won't get burnout.

Ignore the haters they are just being stupid, its like why don't you just make a whole new character I know you are only limited to 2 characters per day but why bitch and complain about it you're just making it worse for everybody else just go read a book or something I don't understand why people are just stupid.

In my opinion people are just greedy and seem to understand why. In the higher levels it takes longer to drain the fp anyway. Coming from someone who played cdnf for 2 years. I never complained once.

People just need to shut the hell up to buy DFO Gold. Ignore them Lee, you're doing an amazing job running the game!! :DD. Besides people can just play other games or do other things while they wait or make a new char like I said or do something else to pass the time.

DfO is the best mmo ever!!!


DFO is interesting

Not trying to be a pain in the butt, but I still don't buy DFO Gold have my alpha characters on Cain. Should I submit another ticket? should be female slayer, I saw a F&Q in their official website somewhere and mentioned slayer, gunner, fighter and mage are available in both gender. Pretty sure female slayer is on their plan. The question is, will they release all 4 sub-classes in the same time, because I really want to play Vagabond. (Vagabond and DT were release later than SM and DS)

Whenever I try to start DFO the screen goes black and then minimizes the game. I can click the icon, but it does nothing. Haven't been able to play for a few days. Anyone know a fix? When the launcher pops up, immediately press ALT TAB, then once you log in change your settings to DFO Gold window full and that should fix the Problem. Wow Neople, you guys cared enough to get my alpha characters back, you are a badass company, all videogame companies should look to you for a hands on style that really involves the fans!


dungeons are cross server of FFXIV

I can't buy physic copy of this game from my country, it's not in the list.  I have heard dungeons are cross server will you be fixing them or will they go neglected? 5 hour queue.
buy FFXIV Gil
 What's your server and what are you queuing for? I have never heard of a 5 hour q and I'm dps lol.  It says in picture on the right hand side of screen dungeon The Chrysalis, for main story quest An Uninvited Ascian picture also shows the queue time of 5 hours. There's no reason for doing Chrysalis other than help friends or just fun, so this kind of cheap FFXIV Gil content usually get very long queues. What about getting your own party on Party Finder or ask for friends to help?

 Last time i did Chrysalis was last week and it didn't take more than 30 min as SMN, probably because there's still people doing the roulette. Will Heavensward collectors box edition be available in EB Games Australia?



The North American Community Team's live show, DUTY COMMENCED
 I can't wait to retire and get out of America personally. I want to buy a piece of the tropics eventually.  You don't want to be a weeaboo like Brigitte Reed who's abandoned her own culture just because she watches anime and is a wannabe Japanese. all the things i do are based on American or japan ese culture, i do not like anything from colombia, all i do IS watch netflix and play video games.

buy cheap FFXIV Gil
You should make this B2P for millions of people can enjoy your fine game, you already have a cash shop so the transition will be smooth. Any chance we gonna see the beastmaster job coming to FFXIV anytime soon? Is it still free for ps3 to ps4 transfers!??  So do we sit and wait for 45+ minutes before the duty commences, just like in the game... or? log into mog station and you should see the option to upgrade FFXIV Gil to ps4.  THE ELDERS SCROLL ONLINE, no suscription fees, DRAGONS DOGMA ONLINE free to play announced! take that SQUARE ENIX


Chocobo Racing

Did you even play final; fantasy 7. the grind in the gold saucer on that game was insane just to get omnislash?

Yeah I did. I know the grind is terrible. It is a JRPG after all. And they are known to be horrible for grinding. But the fact remains that the prices on the prizes and the payouts are just horrible. Sure there are GATES every 30 minutes but who has time for that in all honesty? You're just running around playing mini games with at most a 5MGP payout. And let's not forget the payouts on Chocobo Racing. 81MGP for cheap FFXIV Gil first place. Are you kidding me with that? For myself and a lot of people I know outside the game trying to get either of the mounts or either of the outfits with their schedules would take weeks if not months. I'm just saying maybe take half off the big ticket items to make em easier to get or buff the payouts make the mini games payout max of like 20 or something. And actually make first place for Chocobo Racing feel like you've accomplished something.

 I'll agree if no one has a Fenrir mount before 3.0 comes out, but I'm betting that won't be the case. MMOs aren't supposed to be about instant gratification; you need to put in time to earn what you want. Relics and Mythics in FFXI? Those were ridiculous. I've seen nothing of the sort in FFXIV so far.


FFXIV beginners should complete some quests

One is used to enable the full degree of refining and petrochemical equipment magic crystal features, 19 quests "thoughts are bred forces" in the central Sana Lan (x23, y18) access, you can get a full upon completion degree of refining and petrochemical equipment magic crystal skills.

Wear their own equipment, will gain experience and improve as Daguai degree of refining, production career is to gain experience with the production of goods increased. When equipped refining degree increased to 100% when the system will prompt you, then you can be converted into a spar equipment, while equipment disappeared, according to the type of equipment, can be converted into a spar type is fixed, such as the production occupations equipment will be fixed to the spar into productive property. 

One is to enable spar mosaic features, 19 quests "to buy FFXIV gil convey the power of thoughts", but also the central Sana Lan (x23, y18) Next, a follow-up task above that task, but requires players to a production occupation (except cook outside) reach more than 19.

After completing a mosaic spar available skills, but mosaic specific equipment must find the corresponding production occupations (eg, give Bupao mosaic, must find to complete this task of sewing teacher), and the role of the professional level must be higher than equipment level. Mosaic does not need to find someone to spar and equipment to each other, but the other corresponding need to consume media, should this part of the fee paid to the other side. Also, according to a different level of quality and equipment, through mosaic spar, the ceiling can improve various properties, as long as there is not a hole, the mosaic will be able to get those properties. Since then the "mosaic spar II" is the pick here.


Crafting Log Organization by Class Usage

The crafting log is great as it is, but when you're crafting for a specific class it can get a little disorganized. In my experience, I have to search through my log for all the items the class can or would use, then favorite as many as I can. This takes over the favorites section and is very time consuming as I have to do so for each crafting class I'm using.
Instead, I think that all crafters would love to  buy ffxiv gil have an alternate mode where recipes are organized by class rather than by level. There wouldn't even need to be a section for each individual class, recipes would mostly be divided up into disciples of hand, land, war, and magic. Additionally, you might want to add a material section and divide some sections into their stat focuses. For example, a culinarian might have sections for DoH craftsmanship, control, and CP.

I really think this would greatly streamline crafting, especially once you're done leveling a craft.
Aren't the recipes already in order of their level within the 5 level sections? I'd assume that they'd stick with that, so all you'd have to do is look through the section for the class your crafting for and scroll through looking for the level your working on now. It's already divided by level with a ridiculous number of subsections that are hard to work with, and searching it now means scanning each and every tooltip to see if it's usable for the class you're working on.
Unless you mean that the list would contain recipes from every crafting class; that's a bit overkill, don't you think? The recipe book is already divided by crafting class so you can actually craft everything in that section with your current equipment. I'd think they'd wanna keep that and just replace the level division with target disciple of ____ division for this alternate mode.