limit ID registration on bns once for a week

Pls consider making new servers at different locations. People really wanna be competitive at pvp and thts not possible.with high ping. Kudos to Blade&Soul for making this happen so fast! Good Job! Keep it up! The warlock is just around the corner!

 No warlock? It's pretty stupid to have the weapons for a class in the item pool when the class isn't in the game.  less update more hotfixx! i still cant enter a dungeon portal without the loading screen poppin up and freezing, an disconnecting. Update the combat as well. Im not mean skill. I mean the atk didn't actually hit you but you still take damage from it.

limit ID registration on bns once for a week (maybe can only register on mt) that can reduce the amount of those stupid gold spammer. Guys pa help bakit ganto lagi basta lagay ko Pin No Blade & Soul Gold. ko taz lagi ganto " failed to connect to server(200) " naka sampo na ako kasar grrr...

You know id love to see my faction chat unfortunately theres a limit to my damn block list and there are so many spammers I CAN"T BLOCK can you freaking fix this problem for the love of god. Blade & Soul forever with me. My true love I finally found. Let us live our life to the fullest and forevermore. I have blocked 50 cheap Blade & Soul Gold sellers in 10 minutes and there is still more spamming the Fraction chat. I have sent in tickets & screenshots where the gold sellers/bots farm dungeons. Now I have been seeing bots with Premium Membership. I hope you guys are going to do something about these bot/gold sellers cause its getting ridiculous

windows 10 to play Blade and soul

when are you guys gonna do something about the crashes, i can't even enter the dreamrift because the game will crash in the loading screen . You either have a really old PC or you're playing from an unsupported country (or both) .

neither my pc is not even a month old and there are lots of people whose game crashes. Besides that no other game has ever crashed yet except BnS. You should try reinstalling the game, sounds like you might have corrupted files that makes y ou crash when you enter the zone Blade and Soul Buy Gold . hmm thanks I'll try that tho it probably won't work, on the forums people tried it already, but i might as well give it a shot.

 Or maybe you have windows 10 which is not perfectly compatible with BNS. try win7 its works for me.smile emoticon You have a new pc so you probably have win10 on it? yup i got windows 10 on my pc, but they should've made it compatible with windows 10 if you ask me. I mean i have waited years for this game and now i can't play passed lvl 11 because it's not compatible with windows 10.

Im with you mate. Gud luck and I hope they release huge update for this huge incompatibilty issues. thanks ill need it. and yeah i hope so too Blade and Soul Gold , but if they are smart they will otherwise they will lose many players. no kidding... are we gonna cap 50 already? btw seriously, can you do something about gold spammers and bots? i almost have my blocklist full xD WE CANNOT USE FACTION CHAT BECAUSE OF THIS! Server: Pohwaran.

 if it is please notify the players of the server that it is under maintenance or something..because i tried logging in 5 times but everytime the game exits..if its not please reply a solution or something..thanks .


NCSoft is working on implementing an AFK time

Angelica-Benjamin Decoene yep its a very huge mistake! unless they give us Free Server Transfer that it be a great thing also increase the size. Also a lot of people just upgraded to Master Pack from like the 75 or 25 so they can get in. Also i dont like how there blaming us that Mushin or other server are Way to Big. like they way the they want to say it is like "oh yea its your stupid fault for joining a very popular server and you should just Deal with it. if you cant handle the Que then just go to another server" Buy Blade and Soul Gold I can see they want us to make the server even. its NA they should have seen this coming.

Jeremy Hall Yes. Also i got out of that server. I sort of want to be in EU now lol. Well, so far, not looking good with these damned queues. Currently NCSoft is working on implementing an AFK timer, but for now, we have to wait. Where did they mention the afk timer? They haven't even responded at all to anyone.

Oh man, NCSoft has a lot of problems to fix with this damn game. Looks stunning and all, but if the integrity is bad, the entire game is bad.  Ncsoft please fix the crashes, in one day three crashes really u know took me 30 minutes to get in there if it wasnt more? Wasted an hour and thirty minutes...is thr game not fized by now yet? Thought alpha and beta is long past? No...u can make us pay to speed up a queue but not make us pay and waste time to play your new game thank you!

okay im getting the black screen of death every time I try to log back in since i crash skipping a cutscene. anyone else experiencing the same issue? Can anyone confirm when we get our Founders Pack Bonuses? I am suppose to get plus 5 Character slots but the game has only allowed me two up to this point. I realize this may have been one due to the nature of the head start Blade and Soul Buy Gold . I just want to know when I can expect everything to be released to us so I know.


Blade and Soul Crafting and Launch Livestream

Ty but didn't have to be a dick about it could of said yes Jan 19 will be English.  i wanna ask EU people what realm /server. will pick from that ones mention there ? reply please i dont wanna join on a server low. last day to buy a founders pack would be the 18th right? so name reservation is for disciple founder's only right? It's still a dream for us at the moment. Though it continues to grow daily.

Is it global game? I'm from Indonesia and I'm wondering if i could play it from here. excusme could anyone tell me if this game free to play? They already stated it that it will be free to play on the 19th.& Blade and Soul Gold ; I been all around the website and i can't find where it talks about the pc requirements. Yes you can play from the Philippines but do expect high latency.

do i need to uninstall the cbt client and redownload this new one ? Buy Blade and Soul Gold Why i always get the welcome to technical alpha ? i already tried to reinstall. Uninstall the client and download the latest one. Join us today at 4pm PST for our Crafting and Launch Livestream, including a first look at new content coming at launch. Is the cap up to 45 on launch? I dont mind that but i heard we wont be getting 24 man open instance raid for Pohwaran and Bloody Shark Harbour. ill just keep the playbns private server cos they have seasonal server at 50 cap xD.

we will have 24man poh and others like you mentioned at launch. Hey guys ive been looking everywhere on the internet but I found nothing that could answer my question. Do you need a founders pack to play Blade & Soul on NCsoft?