magicka-based Dragonknight

Don't worry, I'm a solo player too and got the achievements by myself. I got the signal fire achievement as a magicka-based Dragonknight, by eating a sugar claw (+5500 stamina) and drank a dram of speed (+30% speed for 16 seconds), I switched quickly the slot to a stamina potion and used it when the dram of speed effect ended. Buy Blade and Soul Gold  As for the lockpicking achievement, it was more trial and error and a little practice. I kept a chronometer in hand, if after 35 seconds I didn't open all the chests, I would stop, let the time finish and try again.

I'll have to give that a shot :) Thanks for the tips.I'm also a solo player I used the rapid manuver skill for the run and forced the locks.   I need the motifs & recipes for achievements if anyone has spare; also the khajit 3 chests have become invisible. Man just brough the game it has been 6 day downloading cant play.  i wish the orc was doing a huge massive fist fight to celebrate.Do the skyrim shuffle! Twirl honey twirl!  Well, that dance would be interesting to have in ESO too. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold /danceredguard is not enough.  pretty much how you should feel after getting shafted by this dev team lol. After ygour 4500 crown elk mount im not supporting zos again, no dlc, micro transactions or eso plus.

What a fucking joke... is this what MMOs do???  Can i have a PC key of the game please, thank you! Do these people even respond to posts? One time when i bitched about something but that was like 2 years ago.  Will this be in the crown store? Probably not; it's a rare reward from the holiday quests. When we begin sharing more #Homestead details next month, what would you like to learn more about?  My number one burning question that has yet to be answered is ( will the items you get from pick pocketing / murdering NPCS be placeable in our homes.) Example the purple item map to clockwork city etc . I wonder how much we can store. Bank space and bags are so expensive! Jackson Coker They've said that item storage won't be implemented at release, but it's something they're hoping to add in the future.

Will there be spots where you can sit like in skyrim? For Roleplayers when entertaining guests this would be rather necessary instead of standing and doing nothing. Lol Also what are the prices looking like for the housing? Will we have bathtubs with water in them? Can we open windows? Can we place pets and mounts where we want them (outside/ in a specific room/etc)? Will we be able to place any dividers to create bathrooms or do all homes come with at least two empty rooms (bedroom and bathroom)? Have you ever seen a bathtub in es games... lucky if you get a pot to piss in. Where do all these fancy ambassadors bathe after we throw mud at them?


BNS Character Alteration Vouche

Today's #12DaysofWonder bundle includes a discounted Character Alteration Voucher! Can we have a lvl 50 event like KR is having when we get into that patch please  I think we will. Blade and Soul Gold expansion 50%... alter voucher 20%.... huh? Hono bundle wonder pack pls.  Amanda Faulkner when are we going to play a game? Yes lol I told you my account has been sitting there for over a year. lolss I don't remember that many boobs but let's play.

 Today's #12DaysofWonder bundle includes 30 Mysterious Crystals and Snowflake Crystals! anyone know how to fix errot 200 and 300 in the game. can we get a appearance or gender change voucher plez? Awesome . can we get a appearance or gender change voucher plez? On the 5th Day of Wonder the Hongmoon Store unlocked for me, 10 Radiant Energy!inb4 the final one is a forging orb and the prices get destroyed. Can you only get one of the 12 days or can you buy each day? One per account. Says it on the main page for the holiday event. You can buy each of the 12 days but only once per account.

 You can now pick up 7 Legendary Gem Hammers from the Hongmoon Store in today's #12DaysofWonder bundle!   i understand its a 12 day advent theme, my question is: will the Pack of Wonder Bundles change each day or will they just continued to be revealed with the option of still purchasing previous days that have past?   Buy Blade and Soul Gold You can still buy bundles from previous days. They're liars and they don't care. NCSOFT is a bad company all they care about is money. They don't know what it takes to make a good game that has a great experience.

I didnt even open my founder's pack(master)... $120 such a waste... too bad i was persuaded by reviews... Nathan Jarrad Conti If they wanted money they'd open up a SEA server... Hen Shimai I just want clarification as to If its ever going to happen. To the people complaining about the 16.5k that actually know about the petition, All I want is confirmation because it's kind of rude to just leave people clueless. Also, you should have the mindset of this guy right here^ what is the deadline for the snowflakes? i need to know i only got 35 snowflakes for the costume...


I did buy NCoin

I can't even get the launcher to update. It's constantly telling me I have a connection problem. I've tried every fix known to the Internet and I've managed to download other client like Glyph and Uplay but not NC SOFT. from what i know all NC-west games are being hit by waves of DDOS attacks from angry ppl whos countries got banned from the games Buy Blade and Soul Gold .  Copy paste of what someone said on the forums about your horrible customer service:

A week ago I have bought several items from the BCM that were marketed as if they could do something that they could not. Now I'm not a regular at the BCM and I'm not so familiar with BCM items, but it really does not matter that I'm not a regular customer. What really matters is that they market their items right, and honor what items descriptions they put up so that shams don't happen.

Here is what happened:

I spent some amount of money on these specific items. I realized they didn't work the way said on the BCM page and in the item description. I went to support and asked them if they could help me out, and initially I got "we are investigating", with what sounded like an attempt to blow me off.

I asked {CC} Cyan to help me a bit out and so the ticket continued. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold Thanks {CC} Cyan!

After a while, they respond back with an offer to refund my NCoin because they mis-advertised an item, however there is nothing else I wanted to spend NCoin on other than the several items I wanted to have. It is like they are forcing me to buy their expensive dye pedals or whatever stuff I don't want on the BCM. Its even more complicated, but in the end I missed out on taking advantage of other deals in other games due to my limited budget. A refund on NCoin doesn't solve the issue.

We messaged back and forth on the subject of honoring what they advertised until they started sounding like they were blaming me for buying NCoin and they also started making excuses about how limited they are in power to help my situation out. They basically sounded like as if they were the victim, when really I'm the one who put money into this whole sham.

Now I did buy NCoin so that I could pay an adjusted "subscription" for playing Aion (accounting for all the upsets), but this was under the condition that I get something I wanted back in return. I feel as if it really was my fault to buy NCoin, just like the GM implied, and I shouldn't have been a good person and pay for playing on their servers. I can assure you that I will not be buying any NCoin for a while, or ever if this doesn't get resolved.


FINAL FANTASY XIV has to offer adventurers

In the hope that would-be adventurers can experience all that FINAL FANTASY XIV has to offer, we are pleased to announce the Free Login Campaign! If you or any of your friends are currently taking a break from your adventures in Eorzea, you won't want to miss out on this limited-time event! Details:   Pretty terrible timing to schedule this alongside XV release, FFXIV Gil or at least the first weekend that people will be able to play during lol. They have a month to use those 4 days. People can just use it later on in the time.

Derp, I read it as ending 12.4, good call! Well there may be people out there that don't want XV but have been wanting to try FFXIV? Or haven't gotten XV yet? :b I dont want XV, stupid game with such fantasy overrated charcters and creatures , but i do like XIV been my most favorite mmo for 3 yeara now. I'm floored at your criticism of the creatures in XV when XIV has a flying whale lol. Everyone has their opinions and likes though, just seems like FF in general would be something you wouldn't like.

Oh yes XV so awesome. I get to be my own emo boy band. Xv is pretty fucking great. And also if you don't realize most final fantasy or Japanese characters have styles like that you clearly haven't played many jrpgs. Cheap FFXIV Gil why dude i prefer to play ffxiv any day lol. People who haven't tried the fully released XV criticising about it. Says a lot about them. It makes perfect sense, because Final Fantasy 14 is a PC game and FInal Fantasy 15 won't be released for PC for another year so all us PC gamers that don't own consoles will be wanting to get back into the world.

I platinumed 14 on ps4 it's why I won't return to it unless they add trophies for ps4 during the expansion I love the game just it's my hobby just like gamerscore was. For those who never try FF15 and think it is bad surely are those who can't even afford a Ps4. Salty eyes. Final fantasy 15 is great. Laughed so hard at "emo boy band". That's the first thing that I thought when I saw them xD I like FFXV though and watched Kingsglaive and Brotherhood too. This campaign will run for a whole month, great timing 'coz my sister was thinking of getting back to the game (EDIT: Because of Starlight and Heavensturn)