magicka-based Dragonknight

Don't worry, I'm a solo player too and got the achievements by myself. I got the signal fire achievement as a magicka-based Dragonknight, by eating a sugar claw (+5500 stamina) and drank a dram of speed (+30% speed for 16 seconds), I switched quickly the slot to a stamina potion and used it when the dram of speed effect ended. Buy Blade and Soul Gold  As for the lockpicking achievement, it was more trial and error and a little practice. I kept a chronometer in hand, if after 35 seconds I didn't open all the chests, I would stop, let the time finish and try again.

I'll have to give that a shot :) Thanks for the tips.I'm also a solo player I used the rapid manuver skill for the run and forced the locks.   I need the motifs & recipes for achievements if anyone has spare; also the khajit 3 chests have become invisible. Man just brough the game it has been 6 day downloading cant play.  i wish the orc was doing a huge massive fist fight to celebrate.Do the skyrim shuffle! Twirl honey twirl!  Well, that dance would be interesting to have in ESO too. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold /danceredguard is not enough.  pretty much how you should feel after getting shafted by this dev team lol. After ygour 4500 crown elk mount im not supporting zos again, no dlc, micro transactions or eso plus.

What a fucking joke... is this what MMOs do???  Can i have a PC key of the game please, thank you! Do these people even respond to posts? One time when i bitched about something but that was like 2 years ago.  Will this be in the crown store? Probably not; it's a rare reward from the holiday quests. When we begin sharing more #Homestead details next month, what would you like to learn more about?  My number one burning question that has yet to be answered is ( will the items you get from pick pocketing / murdering NPCS be placeable in our homes.) Example the purple item map to clockwork city etc . I wonder how much we can store. Bank space and bags are so expensive! Jackson Coker They've said that item storage won't be implemented at release, but it's something they're hoping to add in the future.

Will there be spots where you can sit like in skyrim? For Roleplayers when entertaining guests this would be rather necessary instead of standing and doing nothing. Lol Also what are the prices looking like for the housing? Will we have bathtubs with water in them? Can we open windows? Can we place pets and mounts where we want them (outside/ in a specific room/etc)? Will we be able to place any dividers to create bathrooms or do all homes come with at least two empty rooms (bedroom and bathroom)? Have you ever seen a bathtub in es games... lucky if you get a pot to piss in. Where do all these fancy ambassadors bathe after we throw mud at them?


BNS Character Alteration Vouche

Today's #12DaysofWonder bundle includes a discounted Character Alteration Voucher! Can we have a lvl 50 event like KR is having when we get into that patch please  I think we will. Blade and Soul Gold expansion 50%... alter voucher 20%.... huh? Hono bundle wonder pack pls.  Amanda Faulkner when are we going to play a game? Yes lol I told you my account has been sitting there for over a year. lolss I don't remember that many boobs but let's play.

 Today's #12DaysofWonder bundle includes 30 Mysterious Crystals and Snowflake Crystals! anyone know how to fix errot 200 and 300 in the game. can we get a appearance or gender change voucher plez? Awesome . can we get a appearance or gender change voucher plez? On the 5th Day of Wonder the Hongmoon Store unlocked for me, 10 Radiant Energy!inb4 the final one is a forging orb and the prices get destroyed. Can you only get one of the 12 days or can you buy each day? One per account. Says it on the main page for the holiday event. You can buy each of the 12 days but only once per account.

 You can now pick up 7 Legendary Gem Hammers from the Hongmoon Store in today's #12DaysofWonder bundle!   i understand its a 12 day advent theme, my question is: will the Pack of Wonder Bundles change each day or will they just continued to be revealed with the option of still purchasing previous days that have past?   Buy Blade and Soul Gold You can still buy bundles from previous days. They're liars and they don't care. NCSOFT is a bad company all they care about is money. They don't know what it takes to make a good game that has a great experience.

I didnt even open my founder's pack(master)... $120 such a waste... too bad i was persuaded by reviews... Nathan Jarrad Conti If they wanted money they'd open up a SEA server... Hen Shimai I just want clarification as to If its ever going to happen. To the people complaining about the 16.5k that actually know about the petition, All I want is confirmation because it's kind of rude to just leave people clueless. Also, you should have the mindset of this guy right here^ what is the deadline for the snowflakes? i need to know i only got 35 snowflakes for the costume...


I did buy NCoin

I can't even get the launcher to update. It's constantly telling me I have a connection problem. I've tried every fix known to the Internet and I've managed to download other client like Glyph and Uplay but not NC SOFT. from what i know all NC-west games are being hit by waves of DDOS attacks from angry ppl whos countries got banned from the games Buy Blade and Soul Gold .  Copy paste of what someone said on the forums about your horrible customer service:

A week ago I have bought several items from the BCM that were marketed as if they could do something that they could not. Now I'm not a regular at the BCM and I'm not so familiar with BCM items, but it really does not matter that I'm not a regular customer. What really matters is that they market their items right, and honor what items descriptions they put up so that shams don't happen.

Here is what happened:

I spent some amount of money on these specific items. I realized they didn't work the way said on the BCM page and in the item description. I went to support and asked them if they could help me out, and initially I got "we are investigating", with what sounded like an attempt to blow me off.

I asked {CC} Cyan to help me a bit out and so the ticket continued. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold Thanks {CC} Cyan!

After a while, they respond back with an offer to refund my NCoin because they mis-advertised an item, however there is nothing else I wanted to spend NCoin on other than the several items I wanted to have. It is like they are forcing me to buy their expensive dye pedals or whatever stuff I don't want on the BCM. Its even more complicated, but in the end I missed out on taking advantage of other deals in other games due to my limited budget. A refund on NCoin doesn't solve the issue.

We messaged back and forth on the subject of honoring what they advertised until they started sounding like they were blaming me for buying NCoin and they also started making excuses about how limited they are in power to help my situation out. They basically sounded like as if they were the victim, when really I'm the one who put money into this whole sham.

Now I did buy NCoin so that I could pay an adjusted "subscription" for playing Aion (accounting for all the upsets), but this was under the condition that I get something I wanted back in return. I feel as if it really was my fault to buy NCoin, just like the GM implied, and I shouldn't have been a good person and pay for playing on their servers. I can assure you that I will not be buying any NCoin for a while, or ever if this doesn't get resolved.


FINAL FANTASY XIV has to offer adventurers

In the hope that would-be adventurers can experience all that FINAL FANTASY XIV has to offer, we are pleased to announce the Free Login Campaign! If you or any of your friends are currently taking a break from your adventures in Eorzea, you won't want to miss out on this limited-time event! Details:   Pretty terrible timing to schedule this alongside XV release, FFXIV Gil or at least the first weekend that people will be able to play during lol. They have a month to use those 4 days. People can just use it later on in the time.

Derp, I read it as ending 12.4, good call! Well there may be people out there that don't want XV but have been wanting to try FFXIV? Or haven't gotten XV yet? :b I dont want XV, stupid game with such fantasy overrated charcters and creatures , but i do like XIV been my most favorite mmo for 3 yeara now. I'm floored at your criticism of the creatures in XV when XIV has a flying whale lol. Everyone has their opinions and likes though, just seems like FF in general would be something you wouldn't like.

Oh yes XV so awesome. I get to be my own emo boy band. Xv is pretty fucking great. And also if you don't realize most final fantasy or Japanese characters have styles like that you clearly haven't played many jrpgs. Cheap FFXIV Gil why dude i prefer to play ffxiv any day lol. People who haven't tried the fully released XV criticising about it. Says a lot about them. It makes perfect sense, because Final Fantasy 14 is a PC game and FInal Fantasy 15 won't be released for PC for another year so all us PC gamers that don't own consoles will be wanting to get back into the world.

I platinumed 14 on ps4 it's why I won't return to it unless they add trophies for ps4 during the expansion I love the game just it's my hobby just like gamerscore was. For those who never try FF15 and think it is bad surely are those who can't even afford a Ps4. Salty eyes. Final fantasy 15 is great. Laughed so hard at "emo boy band". That's the first thing that I thought when I saw them xD I like FFXV though and watched Kingsglaive and Brotherhood too. This campaign will run for a whole month, great timing 'coz my sister was thinking of getting back to the game (EDIT: Because of Starlight and Heavensturn)


Blade and Soul Midnight Skypetal Plains is live

lol useless as always NC. Every event in this game is for whales. Cmon... We expected to see some discounted outfits! Add territory wars and alliances already, goddamn. Play and spend more to get nowhere . How about the premium... sea/oceanic server please. Sale on rng item ? Lmaoooooo.  i want to punch so hard the guy who though about this.  Waiting for Lost Ark. Give them for free if you wanna make a change. And once per account LMAO.

Worst move ever- nobody gonna buy this. Other games giving 40% sales. games are discounted from 15€ to 5€ and you give useless thing for 100€? xDDDDD take those 100€ and hire someone Cheap Blade and Soul Gold who know how to do marketing job. Uninstalled, bought legion, subbed back to wow after years, enjoying a full and fun game now instead of the depression bns had to offer to me. Paying to be premium every month and feeling im lightyears away from high end gear is bs. The boring content and the repetitive activities, the whale events, no thanks. 13 euro a month and i enjoy a full fun game thats never been better before. Wow is finally great .

 Why couldn't have this been like WildStar and put items up to 50% off? I would have been more inclined to actually buy for the game, but nope. Midnight Skypetal Plains is live! Blade and Soul Gold In addition to the 24-member raid there’s a new Fall Treasure Trove, and a limited-time Moonlight Madness event available until December.

 It is now the server is having a problem. Due to a player ejected from the game as the players leave the team also helped me see it. Announced an emergency closure to it. To solve such problems Kaew. Now the player is not that convenient.  i want to play thisgame but every time when i try to make an acc it says that im not authorized to creat an acc. can u please help me ?? I no longer care about your friggin patch that most likely won't solve any of the disconnect issues and client shutting down completely if a loading screen accidentally takes a little longer than conventional. Also frak content that needs 9000+ AP and CERN's supercomputer to play.


FFXIV European Fan Festival Fan Art Contest

Are you an aspiring artist or cosplayer? Then make sure to participate in the European Fan Festival Fan Art Contest from the comfort of your home, or if you're visiting, show everyone your fabulous cosplay! More info:  Final Fantasy Fan Festival to European what your Event cosplayer abd Fan Art I Will Visiting Us, Cheap FFXIV Gil Hopefully someone who didnt even draw the art they entered doesnt end up winning this time :^)

 I have months without play on ps4, fix the error 20512 pls! Fancy yourself a Manderville man? You would do what only a Manderville can? Then lift up your legs, and put up your hands, be a Mander-Mander-Manderville, man!  Read the rules, no Americans allowed lol. Oh well. in the unlikely case you haven't heard of this already. Not Finns to participate in the lottery for the act :(London doodling and then I read the instructions d '; Darn. Only open to residents in specific areas in Europe.

(NA) Interior decorators assemble! Show off your design skills in the Eorzean Home Makeover (Extreme) Contest! While this seems cool, does anyone wish they would change their prizes and show off new things than stuff others have already won in the past?  Well, they did add the Taito moogle lamp. That's a nice addition, Wow. Cool. Buy FFXIV Gil A contest after you demolished my house, that I then rebought. SE, you have garbage customer "support" and the dumbest policies of all time. I had this problem too ... I contacted support because I repaid my subscription and because of a patch, was 10 minutes too late getting to the house.

"Unfortunately we are unable to address your request as it falls outside the scope of our services." Sorry for your loss. 😥 SE ain't what it used to be. Also, the way they deal with housing is awful. Worst housing situation in a game....ever.


Fantastic Beasts in Final Fantasy XV

We heard you’re looking forward to Fantastic Beasts! Find them in Final Fantasy XV! I'm loving the marketing of Final Fantasy XV, keep it up Square! These last few days can't come soon enough!   Batuhan Enes Aykun You must be new to the gaming industry.Companies have been doing this for years. In exchange for a (usually only timed) exclusive cosmetic or otherwise useless dlc the companies will prominently display the game in their stores and advertisement.

If you don't agree with this practice then take it up with Gamestop, Amazon, and the people that buy into this sort of thing. Square's out to make sales and this is what gets them.Find and catch them in World of Final Fantasy too! Great game and underrated. I'm gonna order DBZ XV2 and that 3ds online so i can beat the lines. Buy FFXIV Gil I love world of Final Fantasy, I even got the collectors edition. been desperately trying to platinum WoFF cause I know that as awesome as it is I'll instantly forget that it and pokemon sun/moon exist on the 29th.

Can we get an answer as to why Peru have managed to release the game early? I swear if anyone spoils this for me I will kill . True these days cant come soon enough,but each day I enjoy the moment Cheap FFXIV Gil...with a bit of anime/demo/Kingsglaive/trailers/artworks/interviews and so on. Because when the game starts...there will be nothing of those nostalgic teasers running around ur nose.  Nice one!! I love the one that looked like Thunderbird, though! Kinda wish there's one like Occamy, but that Midgard snake--I forgot it's full name--is cool and gorgeous!

Saw the movie already... didn't quite catch why there were so many people waring capes... waiting for ffxv to be release to fart like Marlboro. I'm so worried that this game is gonna be crap on my OG PS4. Makes me want a Pro so bad. But I'mma wait til after the game comes out and see what the deal is... Ordered the game on PSN a couple of weeks ago. I hope there's a pre-load for it, because it looks like it's going to be huge and I only have a five hour window each night to download things without snuffing out our data restriction.


FFXI Dragoon

I love my console. It's never let me down. And my character is forever stored away on ps2. All my log in information. I belonged to 3 linkshells. I miss it.  I've tried to log in, but for some reason my 'one time password' key is not working. I enter the numbers and it comes out as incorrect. Any ideas? I know the actual SE email and password are fine. i miss my pup, 96 only, never reach 99TT.Happened to me when I use to play, try this.

At the log in screen press the button on the token and after the numbers pop up wait and let it clear, then hit it again and use that number. Thanks guys. I contacted SE and had to resync my token. FFXIV Gil Everything good now. Chat with SE help desk they'll fix it for you. I wish they'd do something similar to FFXIV. Last time I jumped on for a free weekend all my friends where gone and my LS was literally empty. I by some miracle ran into an old friend from an old LS and ended up going to FFXIV for a while. I'd love to go back to that for a bit to see if a subscription is worth it still. I loved my FFXI Dragoon but FFXIV dragoon looked so pimp!

 These changes made this game a bit easier to play but at the same time, made it is a bit boring. I can't state the changes are good or bad. Bring it to ps4 campainge 😁🤓 Buy FFXIV Gil lolol i played this game for along time miss it for sure my lil'ru was one bad mama jama mage anything mage.

Really wish I could. Every time I install and try to play, I get the same crap error message. I miss this game and wish I could play it again. Come on guys. This game should be free for a long time, now.. It's become a ghost town thanks to all the dumb changes from Abyssea and onwards; that's what's changed. I miss this game so much! But can't go back, was emotional as hell when I quit. I didn't like the changes, that's why i quit. :\ Sorry Square.  Wish it was a little cheaper like 4.99 a month or something. It probably bring some people to being cheaper. Sure bring it back for my PS2 or my Xbox 360 and I'll play the game till the goblins come home. It would take me from now until the 12 th just to update that damn game.


Bns is so much better than RO

Victor Seidensticker yeah but BnS is screwing over all the players they currently have so that is just going to ship more and more over to Rev as they are doing this the day after rev goes into CBT. Revelation has crappy Combat system compared to BnS... Buy Blade and Soul Gold just an hype because its a new game...  People kept saying "lol bdo is out, rip bns" yet the game is still very much alive. Yeah, reducing upgrade prices, giving more options to farm Moonstones and giving free events every month, they sure are screwing their players.

Bns is so much better than RO , in graphics and combat , just quit guys if you dont like bns. Combat in other mmo seem like they are just spam whenever skill is off cd especially for those magic weilding classes. Blade and Soul Gold We dont care anymore we dont care anymore like we used to do. Just tell the true.. how must this Update will cost ?  This not possible because there are taiwan japan and korea server if they would join together. I think they would consider making one.

Heyo Guys any one know how to recover your hacked account ? You can open a ticket, in the game's site. I recovered my acc in 3 days.  You dont have to. Those new legendary weapons and ss are worthless if you dont pvp.  When will we see more of the story. We'll be live in ONE HOUR. Check out the Rumble in the Realm EU finals on  Gratz to Tenah!


I pay 10 years on FF11 and FF14

 Its not that im against the mmo subscription.I just can't afford another 10 euro per month in addition to psplus and netflix.If it were like 5 euros it could have been appreciated, so to speak.  Andrea Di Pastena play it on pc then, problem solved.  Ps4 version doesnt need a psplus subscription.Anyway,i already have a ps4, do u buy a gaming pc for me? That would solve a lot of problems.

You don't need ps+ to play FFXIV online, Maciej. Playing it on pc wouldn't help their particular situation because the subscription would be the same amount to play the game regardless.  But anyways, FFXIV Gil just wanted to let you know that there is that option to only have one character per server which saves a bit of money, if you ever do have the extra change to grab a subscription.

 £9 quid a month is 29 pence a day. It's not expensive. And the more you play the cheaper it works out to be, £220 spent on subs, game and expansion over 2 years with 2300 hours played makes the cost to me 9 pence per hour. Andrea Di Pastena exactly the kind of black-tino trash you'll encounter playing this POS, as if to illustrate my point. Oh silly me, I thought ur point was just be annoying, Cheap FFXIV Gil since theres no reason for u to comment here if not just to annoy people. Am i right?

 Where's the little ankle biting Lalafel mobs when you need one, right Andrea? Well if u dont need ps plus for final fantasy then go for it :D playing with gamepad is a lot better anyway. So u play the free month and u complaining about the sub? That don't make sense since u didn't pay at all for any subs lol...try paying o er 1 3yrs then we talk....I pay 10yrs on FF11 and 14 so far since game release.... So u play the free month and u complaining about the sub? That don't make sense since u didn't pay at all for any subs lol...try paying o er 1 3yrs then we talk....I pay 10yrs on FF11 and 14 so far since game release....



It's pretty lame SMN can't wear the SMN outfit if they're male.  It's pretty lame SMN can't wear the SMN outfit if they're male  Yes but that's a good thing... seeing as Yuna's top is a tie around bra... the last thing we need around eorzea is a male rodg wearing THAT! And you know people would just to creep others out :x FFXIV Gil I'm all for gender neutral, but some things are better left to their appropriate genders.

I jsut want the expansion reveal. And the chance to discuss all the fourteen afterlifes out of it on the forums. What ever happened to the event schedule? In 2014 it was up October 1st and it is Oct 5 already.  It was scheduled for the 14th ages ago.  If you think that's what I'm looking for you are being deliberately obtuse. Event schedule outlines what times panels and live letters as well as concerts will start and end.

 Margaret maybe they don't have it available yet buy FFXIV Gil... not everything always functions the same way each year you know. Because you mentioned an event 2 YEARS ago. So your statement is invalid. Now if you would have said it was also the same for the past 2 or more years, then you would have had a point. Buuut since you didn't. All you did was make yourself like whiny and stupid.It is 8 days before the event. It is getting a tad irresponsible, I hesitate to say unprofessional, to not have even a preliminary schedule.

Any word on when the event schedule goes up? Trying to plan my days at FanFest . Why my minions can't join the fight, they just stand there n follow u ard. Anybody know when the Frankfurt tickets become available?  When will the ticket sale start for the eu?? Waiting for months. I so wanna goooo!!! Only care about Rikku lol..won't worry about the other fanfests beyond looking at reddit during them.


Blade & Soul costume design contest

So many nice costume there, but you guys keep releasing shitty outfits every friday, it looks the same but different color. ? How manananahanay timmmmmmesss is my game going to disconnect?? I just disconnected 4 times in 10 minutes!!!! When I resurrect, when I windstride, when I resurrect dead and re resurrect, when I restart game after disconnecting.

Don't talk about my network connection Buy Blade and Soul Gold cause I get the best internet connection. I repair the game! All of what I can do still disconnects. As I write this I am waiting for the game to restart. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold People saying wonderland suck probably the same people who complain about the game being impossible to gear for when their max toon is lvl 47 with awakened infernal weapon.

The dude copied it from someone else, it's not even his own design....get your facts straight ebfore attempting to flame.... First off, source. This is the first I'm hearing of it. Second, I didn't claim it was as original design, the only thing I implied is that it is the best looking costume, I'm glad we are getting it. Are you one of the crybabies who complains every patch?


They make old content useful Troy Leonard in FFXIV

Is there a good game Hidden in the patch or is it more of "hey you logged in for 10 minutes! Here is some free gear!" Verticals profession systems are the bane of mmo's.  I like being able to change anywhere, not like 11 where you had to go back to your moogle house and change there. I like to game when you actually got something it meant something.

 I like the one where your guy turns in to a ninja. I've debated with some friends on vertical progression a few times and while I agree horizontal is where it's at this game (imo) buy FFXIV Gil is too young for that yet. Take ffxi for example, most people played during the 6ish year stretch where 75 was the level cap so horizontal made tons of sense. To me it wouldn't really fit in 14 (yet) since the level cap is still being talked about being raised.

"Verticals profession systems are the bane of mmo's" I guess somebody forgot to tell World of Warcraft that. Brian Strauser it's because hey keep raising it. I hope they don't again. Cheap FFXIV Gil They keep making their old content irrelevant with each patch. Why spend time developing a fight if in 3 months there is no point to it except for bird farming.

 They make old content useful Troy Leonard. It might not be for yourself (except for relic grinding) but they do make you rerun old content. And even if its just for ponies or birds, its still a point to running old content.  I miss the days of doing quest, like for the brown belt in XI, were the gear you got could last for a very long time. Hurry up and fix the part where you sign up, everytime I try to sign up when it gets to asking me for the verification code the thing stops responding and not only on one of my computers but the 2nd one as well.


BNS Mushing Tower for the Acc

So they took out the kick option in party and now party are full off bot and leecher and we can't kick them....really gratz! who's genius's idea??  Don't expect things to be better with Bless. Been there with Aeria, done that.  Don't expect things to be better with Bless.

 Been there with Aeria, done that Buy Blade and Soul Gold .Didn't we already have a Desolate Tomb patch preview? Did the "social media monkey" duck up the post? Guys we all need to revolt against the game !!!!! BRING EM DOWN !!! about 1 month for revelation online to come out, that is gonna be the top wuxia and then i can finally leave bns! How can this be preview if dungeon is out for more than a week (dont remeber exectly) should be review?

 seems like new things beside it. It clearly says desolate tomb...
Didn't we already have a desolate tomb patch preview? Ho'o Pedro thats what i was thinking lol. any way i stopped play the game cuse it go to pay to got best gear Blade and Soul Gold and lag also.  Its called pay to win. I've left also. im with you with gears i have problem its really hard to up gears.

The only place annoying is Mushing Tower for the Acc. Break... And its really easy to gear now with Oceanic Nebula, and Reduce Cost of items for Weapons : / no one will miss you, in anycase why you still commenting the page just to say you left ? youre looking for attention or something? Abimael Santos mushin tower annoying??? some poeple just dont understand this game is about mechanics, and never take a second to learn them. thats what is annoying.


the requirements to enter the dungeon is HM9 in BNS

News flash: Any game with currency and player trading can be p2w. Good luck finding a good mmorpg that no one can p2w. Tune in TOMORROW 8/25 at 11 AM PDT and join AALaguna, Lunis, Napalm & Kenzlyn as they venture into Desolate Tomb on the official Blade & Soul Twitch! 

i have played and DM/GM over 1000 rpg's both PnP and mmorpg's since the 1970s, Buy Blade and Soul Gold i love this game . from great GFX and toon customization is excellent currently one of the top f2p pay to donate to server . fun fast action ! <3 love the fashion ,character creation is flexible and aesthetic . Thank you to the creators of this world system ~Rev.Huey (Shen) Because desolate punishes if u make 1 mistake.

dear blade and soul staff, please create some dungeon for low levels too.. so in that way, player coukd feel an update and fair enough. besides, why the requirements to enter the dungeon is HM9? Blade and Soul Gold might as well u create the requirements are HM14 to enter the dungeon and 804 AP. omg, no one even cares blade and soul, your game is as trashy as tree of savior. 10/10 would create a character because they are kawaii and then delete the game.

 Why waste your time here then. Fucking trolls. Ikr, not to mention how shtty the game runs, random crashes here and there, the list of why this game is sht just keeps going on and on and on..... Pretty much everyone is having mailing issues. They have already seen it's a mass issue and said they're working on a fix.


Blade and Soul Costume Design contest

Oh my god some parts are obviously traced /heavily referenced and not from the imagination, that is not just stealing ideas but stealing the actual work of another person. I don't fucking see every game being identical do you? Buy Blade and Soul Gold No so yeah game developers take inspiration but they do not copy - they develop the idea in their own way so no the artist didn't just take inspiration they copied.

Enna Mae People are being totally ridicilous of this matter. Bns fb comments are same thing as bns forums. Bronze players come to write how the pvp should be balanced, players who have poor internet connection or computer come to complain how the game should be fixed, and people who don't understand anything about art come to complain how something is stolen if you took inspiration of your favourite things.

Pretty sure many of these people understand what art is and maybe even took part in the contest c: it's very saddening to everyone that the rules set out by b&s for the contest are not implemented. Blade and Soul Gold Im not exactly sure you understand the difference between basic inspiration and copying/tracing.

 Laura Mantynen To put it simply:
Let's say you have a cake contest. One person steals a cake and one person bakes the cake to submit as their entries.
The person who stole the cake wins, how does that make the person who baked the cake feel? Those were not inspirations but blatant copies and traces.


I started playing FF14 since the beta for PS3

Please fix the launcher. I have been experience trouble for a hour now just trying to log in the game. Tried reinstalling, constant error while trying to download. Awesome. Down for maintenance for the next 3 hours, that might be the reason. Thx when will it be up again? Thx I really appreciate your help. I been having a bad night. Buy FFXIV Gil I have not had internet in over a year, and I currently don't have a sub acc for this game, so the free login event is my only chance to have fun and I want to enjoy it for as long as possible. I started playing FF14 since the beta for PS3.

 And made friends there. That is the most important reason why I love playing this game, and my chocobo lol.Was thinking about this game yesterday. If it died out yet or not .Awesome! I can log in and be greeted with a vacant lot! Just the thing that will convince me to play again... you think your lot will be vacant... guess who doesnt need to buy you membership for the next 120 days!

So i just need to download and log in ? I just checked on Mog station and I have 0 days left subscription. Anyone else having trouble teleporting to hevaensward zones on this free trial? FFXIV Gil it won't let me. Yes I have been hoping for this so much, last time I seemed to have log ged in without knowing it and missed out on it.

 i shame i just payed my Sub bud damn, square just knows what i want, just when i wanted help from my currently off-line friends. And of course I'm at training yet again for another ps4 free thing haha .  been playing for over 2 and a haf years and i still am in love keep it up SE. What's the website called so I can sign up then lol we got tonight free.  If you do, let's queue up for a boss! But honestly I want to finish my kimono tonight >:)


how to get own private space in FFXIV

 I liked everquest 2 housing the best. Houses are already built and share instance zones . We could buy a house that someone else lived in it would just mirror and you get you own private space. Other had to click on zones on the door. Buy FFXIV Gil I don't like the price changes over time people will wait 30 days and hord buy all at once giving the working class 0 chance of getting one.

Guild Wars (the first one) did it right.Release equipment that's much more difficult to get, but of the same quality. It becomes more about status than level.  I agree with the people that said you should limit the number of houses one person can own or buy, at the very least in the same day. Otherwise I'm pleased with it. Also, is Ishgard housing becoming available, I wonder.  I just want a bigger house. Or an option to expand my house from a small to a medium. FFXIV Gil

 I want an OTHER PLOT! But must demolish my mog house to get a new.... How bout giving me a option to store my exterior in inventory??? AND why can't i make my private house into an fc house instead?  "Current housing prices" seems a bit off for servers, unless those prices are before the decrease? Since my FC got a large for 42.5m on Midgardsormr.  Dear FF14 can I get a reimbursement for the difference of my med plot...lol yeah I know its not happening.

be cool if next patch let us go half way to 70 level 65 cap would be nice. and i recommend each class has different armor because all my tanks have to wear excatly the same gear and when i glamour my drk had drk gear on but my paladin and war look the same. though i'am greatly enjoying this game and still have lots to do smile emoticon.i like to clear things and besides i got other stuff to do so take your time se. keep making this game awesome.


FFXIV patch 3.3 is coming in June

 Look at all the features that they've been promising since 2.0 that still aren't here because they claim to lack the dev resources. So yes. They need a bigger staff. hen toodles. Bounce. Everyone else is still enjoying it. I mean.. I guess casuals are happy with the pace cause your RP sessions in limsa never get old. But to the raiding scene there is a huge content lull.  Not really. I know more people who are bored with the low output of dungeons(2 every 3 months is extremely sad and FFXIV Gil gets old very fast) than i know that are okay with the current rates.

Plus they wasted too many resources on lords of vermillion and feast. If they used those resources to work on core mechanics of the game or add maybe a mid tier raid I think the game would be in a better state. Fact is 2.x had a better patch cycle with more content because they felt like they had something to prove. 3.x patches are missing the mark completely.

I disagree, 3.2 was a great patch and return to form really. If you look back on the 2.X series there was not much that is different than the stuff in the 3.X series. 2.4 for example, shiva, 3 dungeons, final coil. 3.2 sephi, 2 dungeons, two version of midas and feast. Stating facts is different than expressing opinions dude. Which is exactly what your doing: expressing your opinion. was one of THE best patches. Why? Buy FFXIV Gil New job. Will we see that again? No. Why? Lack of devs. Oh.

 If they released a new job then the game would get overloaded with classes. When 5.X comes along and so many resorces are being pumped into classes that are never played. Because the meta will be established and the best classes will emerge and the weaker classes will be collecting dust. Theres no hardcore/casual? What? EVERY mmo has hard/midcore and casuals. The people who wait till they out gear raids are mid core, people that dont even attempt are typically casual playera.


Blade and Soul crafting and gathering

I find it funny how people are complaining about the fast update. I mean at least u have SOMETHING to do that is new and not repetitive when you hit lvl cap. Blade and Soul Gold I'm pretty sure most people that hit lvl cap understand the feels of not being able to continue the storyline, and have to grind dungeons over and over again. Considering the storyline is very enjoyable too.

And for those who didn't know any better and skipped crafting/gather. Like i mean you were given all the transformation stones before but now with mts you have to start crafting and gathering cause there's literally no other way to make that much gold at that current level. I get they want you to work for it but at least give people more ways to get these items. Having it cost in some cases 10+ of an item that ONLY comes from crafting seems like a design flaw.

I had played allot of MMO's compared to B&S but all of them where normal but this... buy Blade and Soul Gold THIS is As Awkward as F-  I'd rather stare at at female parts instead of male's. That's what I think. Toffy Amirul Farhan Gay's have no excuse to play a female char... if there gay there gay... Go date a guy or something... stop playing as a female char... better off that way.

Right now in Dochun it's about 1g per 20 hm coin (somewhere around this price in other servers). If you try to sell 1g for 23 hm coin, not much ppl will buy it. There are lots a competition and gold is losing its value as more gold is available through daily dungeons. Mojje Najah Abed this game got the most expensive trash ever and u can make all upgrades to max and get shitty difference too + hacked pvp and pvp is the only true source of profit so better wait for other mmo cuz this is a FAILL is not worthing any time. Finally dancy animation is working again. That's all I wanted.


I also play Blade and Soul on NA server

Its not unplayable lol im from EU and I also play on NA server with 200-300ms my main is bm and yeah I feel the diference but its not like you can't play with that ms. Adrian Kakuja Well that's good for you, but the reality is it is Unplayable.. given they recently addressed the issue of Australian players seeking refunds (on their forums) I think its a general concensus that it cant be played with such high ping while PVP is a priority with the game.

Adrian Kakuja 100 ms feels like cheap Blade & Soul Gold jello and becomes a lethal difference if you get in plat+ rating. James Thomas An oceanic server really should be put up but note that the high latency isn't just from the distance. There's a lot of NA players who report 300 ping due to their ISP not playing ball with certain higher tier service providers. It's really dumb ~.~

Junn Bryan Trongcoso yeah I am aware of the issues with some ISP's.. in Australia we have pretty shitty internet to start with but the majority of them support gaming, some have even hosted servers for games. The ISP I use hosts the WoW servers and the local PSN servers as well. Local realms will make a massive difference that's for sure, given the money thousands have handed over Buy Blade and Soul Gold (and the exchange rate sucks!!) and the countless requests for refunds.. you would think NCSoft would consider a local realm... but I guess they are too busy twisting the knife in Carbines (WildStar's) back to care about what is a pretty large segment of their player base.Why the hell would you think ping times would be great when they blatantly said that NA servers would be in Dallas Texas? Even with WoW AUS players had to deal with 300+ ping.


Blade & Soul Founder exclusive weapon skin

Bots: "block one, 3 more will spawn and spam... Hale hydra..." Destroyers bots...summoners bots and AFKers in arena..pretty sums up my experience. No Server Again ... Pls ... i come home 5 min ago and no server... yesterday same... pathetic...Can u put a Barber shop? So i can edit my character hair for 10 silvers or so. Content is coming out so fast that players can't even keep up.

Just ask the event reward now costume can be use by other charack in same accnt plz reply Blade & Soul Gold . Nah im bored NC fail again where PvP on this game no hunt just arena on this game... Im totaly bored end game ils most fail ever d'or mmo.  I just waste 2 month on this ridiculous game ever for realize she bad game bns no more fun then aion.

Lol dude u do love it??? confused_rev emoticon outfit lol idiot idea need just no outfit and get honor on pvp but where is honor on bns you got points? You get prestige points for killing other players Buy Blade and Soul Gold . You get insignias for killing enemy pvp npcs. If you want to hunt it's there for you. Sorry they can't hand everything else to you, even though they handed hunting to you. Only based game on arena and ahh oh one dayli pvp open world map... Not only on mystic wood not open world and on arena your gear is useless u know?

125$ Founder exclusive weapon skin that can only be redeemed once. bullshit game. I loved the combat of this game but hated the rest. uninstalled fast and i had high hopes. The game should be renamed to Bots & Spams lol but that doesnt stop me from playing. The amount of bots and spammers is like overwhelmingly scary. Please do something about it. Much better if u complete the quest u will not return to the NPC that give u the quest just to receive ur rewards.


dungeon guide for Blade and Soul

where do i get the event items did i have make a new character on the patch day to get items ? then if i get to lvl 45 ill get items ? I hear there is no promised free slot for warlock character . Right before this patch hit, my account and as i was informed, alot of accounts were banned without warning for 3rd party softwares that Bot, Macros Buy Blade and Soul Gold , or Speedhack. Which I don't even use or ever would, and CUstomer Support's reply is they can't give me any info only that they have logs of me doing this which is not true because I never used any 3rd Party Software even after i invited 130$ for a Master pack they still give me no help in the matter. So yeah if you are considering putting money into this company, don't because they ban without warning or without reason it seems. You are better off waiting for a MMO that actually takes care of its community.

Had this happen in wildstar back in the day when Blade & Soul Gold they went stupid with the banhammer. Demanded a refund and they gave it as they messed up by not properly investigating!! Dear admin why did my Faction chat,Clan chat&party finder chat is missing? and did any other player have the same issue? please help.

 Everyone beware of this guy name QUKE!
He is a leech! He does that in every single dungeon! He will claim that he disconnected but in fact he waits for everyone else to complete the quest and is there just to bid! Ban QUKE from the french server! game worked fine for me. patched just now and logged in fine. for the people that say it doesnt work or whatever. just submit a bug report ticket though forums or whatever. do not expect help from facebook. the community manager/social media manager will not help ya with support stuff.


FFXIV cosmetic items

I could see the people from 1.0 and only those people having whatever they got. But these items are from an in game EVENT. There's no hard work or anything going into it. Do a couple easy quests and BAM all done. We all pay a sub, so event items should be open to us all, whether we were there or not. I know I joined literally RIGHT after it ended and I've been heart broken over it for months.

If you wanna feel special and have something that lots of people don't, FFXIV Gil put the work in and complete the difficult content out there. Simple to get event items (that took hardly any effort at all or 10 minutes from your day) should not be something that should be kept from people, simply for the reason to say "haha I have this and you don't".

But how is that fair to anyone? The fact is that no one is ever satisfied. And while, I do think people should be able to obtain items, it's not fair for the people who have been here to do the same shitty event for a fourth time. They want to make sure they KEEP their current subscribers while appeasing the new ones. This was cheap FFXIV Gil the compromise. The event itself was originally to bring hype to Lightning and FFXIII. That Game isn't as popular right now, or there's nothing new about it, so it doesn't make sense to have the event again just because people are butt hurt they missed out.

I never said that cosmetic items are the only reason people play but it's a part of overall content. So yeah, I do realize it but thanks for reminding me. And they're not being punished for anything? You get to get your item. How is that a "punishment" And maybe YOURE not asking for the event, but there are tons of people asking for the event just as much as the items themselves.


blade and soul animations are amazing

Theyd get a lot more out of helping the game survive >.> they should care a little this lag is too much.  why im so lagging after update 47mb, before update not lagging like this..please fix it.  I just got hoogmoon secret book, and follow the quest I cant gain the achievement with shadow slash training secret, how can I get it ?  is the game down im getting disconnected error and then goes off.

Imagine if you accidentally leave the "remember me" option in the public place Blade and Soul Gold . That would be disastrous.  i have same problem, every time i try to log in i must verify my password- anoyed but nothing can do- and i did contact support , they said smthing about that they working on it tongue emoticon after 1 month still must verify.

Tonyy Trann. People are so fucking excited about this warlock class but yet they dont want to wait for it. I think people forget that the game hasn't even been out a month yet Buy Blade and Soul Gold ..

They be like.. no warlock? Fck this game LOL love the tears of crybabies xD. What frustrates me, is I have gotten 3 drops for the Warlock.... if it is not available, why am I getting items for it.... I will start playing again once they bring the Warlock in..... I have played several others, summoner is ok... but not what I want, so I will wait for it....

I agree 100%, shouldn't be dropping warlock weapons when they aren't out. I'm waiting for it as well, playing summoner for now. I've always been a caster class person, so even if they nerf warlock, I'll still play it cause the animations and stuff look amazing C:.


Blade and Soul outfit

Posted 12 minutes ago · Report post

This is a status update regarding the on-going issues preventing players to access Europeans Blade & Soul servers Buy Blade and Soul Gold . Our teams are still working on resolving current issues as fast as they can. We cannot provide a time when the service will normally resume however. We will keep this thread updated regularly or as soon as we get new information.

 I was so expecting to see how assassin fight in pvp , friend said there is no pvp gears , only technical combo ... seems also cool. Make the faction chat available only when using the faction outfit ,so we can kill the bots,and make it that only the living can speak on it. Is just me or the US servers are lagging real bad like sometimes i stay seconds trying to attack and the only thing that works is moving BNS Gold?

I'm wishing the school outfit was a different color. My girls hair is blue and the outfit is red. Kinda clashes.  The emergency restart is now over and all European Servers are available again.  i' m having a problem with the install game =_= .. and don't know where i should fix it .. i have install the game many times and uninstall the game alot of times .. i dont know WHY my launcher is not working after the installation .. im using window 8 pro but other server is fine nothing wrong with the launcher.


limit ID registration on bns once for a week

Pls consider making new servers at different locations. People really wanna be competitive at pvp and thts not possible.with high ping. Kudos to Blade&Soul for making this happen so fast! Good Job! Keep it up! The warlock is just around the corner!

 No warlock? It's pretty stupid to have the weapons for a class in the item pool when the class isn't in the game.  less update more hotfixx! i still cant enter a dungeon portal without the loading screen poppin up and freezing, an disconnecting. Update the combat as well. Im not mean skill. I mean the atk didn't actually hit you but you still take damage from it.

limit ID registration on bns once for a week (maybe can only register on mt) that can reduce the amount of those stupid gold spammer. Guys pa help bakit ganto lagi basta lagay ko Pin No Blade & Soul Gold. ko taz lagi ganto " failed to connect to server(200) " naka sampo na ako kasar grrr...

You know id love to see my faction chat unfortunately theres a limit to my damn block list and there are so many spammers I CAN"T BLOCK can you freaking fix this problem for the love of god. Blade & Soul forever with me. My true love I finally found. Let us live our life to the fullest and forevermore. I have blocked 50 cheap Blade & Soul Gold sellers in 10 minutes and there is still more spamming the Fraction chat. I have sent in tickets & screenshots where the gold sellers/bots farm dungeons. Now I have been seeing bots with Premium Membership. I hope you guys are going to do something about these bot/gold sellers cause its getting ridiculous

windows 10 to play Blade and soul

when are you guys gonna do something about the crashes, i can't even enter the dreamrift because the game will crash in the loading screen . You either have a really old PC or you're playing from an unsupported country (or both) .

neither my pc is not even a month old and there are lots of people whose game crashes. Besides that no other game has ever crashed yet except BnS. You should try reinstalling the game, sounds like you might have corrupted files that makes y ou crash when you enter the zone Blade and Soul Buy Gold . hmm thanks I'll try that tho it probably won't work, on the forums people tried it already, but i might as well give it a shot.

 Or maybe you have windows 10 which is not perfectly compatible with BNS. try win7 its works for me.smile emoticon You have a new pc so you probably have win10 on it? yup i got windows 10 on my pc, but they should've made it compatible with windows 10 if you ask me. I mean i have waited years for this game and now i can't play passed lvl 11 because it's not compatible with windows 10.

Im with you mate. Gud luck and I hope they release huge update for this huge incompatibilty issues. thanks ill need it. and yeah i hope so too Blade and Soul Gold , but if they are smart they will otherwise they will lose many players. no kidding... are we gonna cap 50 already? btw seriously, can you do something about gold spammers and bots? i almost have my blocklist full xD WE CANNOT USE FACTION CHAT BECAUSE OF THIS! Server: Pohwaran.

 if it is please notify the players of the server that it is under maintenance or something..because i tried logging in 5 times but everytime the game exits..if its not please reply a solution or something..thanks .


NCSoft is working on implementing an AFK time

Angelica-Benjamin Decoene yep its a very huge mistake! unless they give us Free Server Transfer that it be a great thing also increase the size. Also a lot of people just upgraded to Master Pack from like the 75 or 25 so they can get in. Also i dont like how there blaming us that Mushin or other server are Way to Big. like they way the they want to say it is like "oh yea its your stupid fault for joining a very popular server and you should just Deal with it. if you cant handle the Que then just go to another server" Buy Blade and Soul Gold I can see they want us to make the server even. its NA they should have seen this coming.

Jeremy Hall Yes. Also i got out of that server. I sort of want to be in EU now lol. Well, so far, not looking good with these damned queues. Currently NCSoft is working on implementing an AFK timer, but for now, we have to wait. Where did they mention the afk timer? They haven't even responded at all to anyone.

Oh man, NCSoft has a lot of problems to fix with this damn game. Looks stunning and all, but if the integrity is bad, the entire game is bad.  Ncsoft please fix the crashes, in one day three crashes really u know took me 30 minutes to get in there if it wasnt more? Wasted an hour and thirty minutes...is thr game not fized by now yet? Thought alpha and beta is long past? No...u can make us pay to speed up a queue but not make us pay and waste time to play your new game thank you!

okay im getting the black screen of death every time I try to log back in since i crash skipping a cutscene. anyone else experiencing the same issue? Can anyone confirm when we get our Founders Pack Bonuses? I am suppose to get plus 5 Character slots but the game has only allowed me two up to this point. I realize this may have been one due to the nature of the head start Blade and Soul Buy Gold . I just want to know when I can expect everything to be released to us so I know.


Blade and Soul Crafting and Launch Livestream

Ty but didn't have to be a dick about it could of said yes Jan 19 will be English.  i wanna ask EU people what realm /server. will pick from that ones mention there ? reply please i dont wanna join on a server low. last day to buy a founders pack would be the 18th right? so name reservation is for disciple founder's only right? It's still a dream for us at the moment. Though it continues to grow daily.

Is it global game? I'm from Indonesia and I'm wondering if i could play it from here. excusme could anyone tell me if this game free to play? They already stated it that it will be free to play on the 19th.& Blade and Soul Gold ; I been all around the website and i can't find where it talks about the pc requirements. Yes you can play from the Philippines but do expect high latency.

do i need to uninstall the cbt client and redownload this new one ? Buy Blade and Soul Gold Why i always get the welcome to technical alpha ? i already tried to reinstall. Uninstall the client and download the latest one. Join us today at 4pm PST for our Crafting and Launch Livestream, including a first look at new content coming at launch. Is the cap up to 45 on launch? I dont mind that but i heard we wont be getting 24 man open instance raid for Pohwaran and Bloody Shark Harbour. ill just keep the playbns private server cos they have seasonal server at 50 cap xD.

we will have 24man poh and others like you mentioned at launch. Hey guys ive been looking everywhere on the internet but I found nothing that could answer my question. Do you need a founders pack to play Blade & Soul on NCsoft?