Blade and Soul Midnight Skypetal Plains is live

lol useless as always NC. Every event in this game is for whales. Cmon... We expected to see some discounted outfits! Add territory wars and alliances already, goddamn. Play and spend more to get nowhere . How about the premium... sea/oceanic server please. Sale on rng item ? Lmaoooooo.  i want to punch so hard the guy who though about this.  Waiting for Lost Ark. Give them for free if you wanna make a change. And once per account LMAO.

Worst move ever- nobody gonna buy this. Other games giving 40% sales. games are discounted from 15€ to 5€ and you give useless thing for 100€? xDDDDD take those 100€ and hire someone Cheap Blade and Soul Gold who know how to do marketing job. Uninstalled, bought legion, subbed back to wow after years, enjoying a full and fun game now instead of the depression bns had to offer to me. Paying to be premium every month and feeling im lightyears away from high end gear is bs. The boring content and the repetitive activities, the whale events, no thanks. 13 euro a month and i enjoy a full fun game thats never been better before. Wow is finally great .

 Why couldn't have this been like WildStar and put items up to 50% off? I would have been more inclined to actually buy for the game, but nope. Midnight Skypetal Plains is live! Blade and Soul Gold In addition to the 24-member raid there’s a new Fall Treasure Trove, and a limited-time Moonlight Madness event available until December.

 It is now the server is having a problem. Due to a player ejected from the game as the players leave the team also helped me see it. Announced an emergency closure to it. To solve such problems Kaew. Now the player is not that convenient.  i want to play thisgame but every time when i try to make an acc it says that im not authorized to creat an acc. can u please help me ?? I no longer care about your friggin patch that most likely won't solve any of the disconnect issues and client shutting down completely if a loading screen accidentally takes a little longer than conventional. Also frak content that needs 9000+ AP and CERN's supercomputer to play.


FFXIV European Fan Festival Fan Art Contest

Are you an aspiring artist or cosplayer? Then make sure to participate in the European Fan Festival Fan Art Contest from the comfort of your home, or if you're visiting, show everyone your fabulous cosplay! More info:  Final Fantasy Fan Festival to European what your Event cosplayer abd Fan Art I Will Visiting Us, Cheap FFXIV Gil Hopefully someone who didnt even draw the art they entered doesnt end up winning this time :^)

 I have months without play on ps4, fix the error 20512 pls! Fancy yourself a Manderville man? You would do what only a Manderville can? Then lift up your legs, and put up your hands, be a Mander-Mander-Manderville, man!  Read the rules, no Americans allowed lol. Oh well. in the unlikely case you haven't heard of this already. Not Finns to participate in the lottery for the act :(London doodling and then I read the instructions d '; Darn. Only open to residents in specific areas in Europe.

(NA) Interior decorators assemble! Show off your design skills in the Eorzean Home Makeover (Extreme) Contest! While this seems cool, does anyone wish they would change their prizes and show off new things than stuff others have already won in the past?  Well, they did add the Taito moogle lamp. That's a nice addition, Wow. Cool. Buy FFXIV Gil A contest after you demolished my house, that I then rebought. SE, you have garbage customer "support" and the dumbest policies of all time. I had this problem too ... I contacted support because I repaid my subscription and because of a patch, was 10 minutes too late getting to the house.

"Unfortunately we are unable to address your request as it falls outside the scope of our services." Sorry for your loss. 😥 SE ain't what it used to be. Also, the way they deal with housing is awful. Worst housing situation in a game....ever.


Fantastic Beasts in Final Fantasy XV

We heard you’re looking forward to Fantastic Beasts! Find them in Final Fantasy XV! I'm loving the marketing of Final Fantasy XV, keep it up Square! These last few days can't come soon enough!   Batuhan Enes Aykun You must be new to the gaming industry.Companies have been doing this for years. In exchange for a (usually only timed) exclusive cosmetic or otherwise useless dlc the companies will prominently display the game in their stores and advertisement.

If you don't agree with this practice then take it up with Gamestop, Amazon, and the people that buy into this sort of thing. Square's out to make sales and this is what gets them.Find and catch them in World of Final Fantasy too! Great game and underrated. I'm gonna order DBZ XV2 and that 3ds online so i can beat the lines. Buy FFXIV Gil I love world of Final Fantasy, I even got the collectors edition. been desperately trying to platinum WoFF cause I know that as awesome as it is I'll instantly forget that it and pokemon sun/moon exist on the 29th.

Can we get an answer as to why Peru have managed to release the game early? I swear if anyone spoils this for me I will kill . True these days cant come soon enough,but each day I enjoy the moment Cheap FFXIV Gil...with a bit of anime/demo/Kingsglaive/trailers/artworks/interviews and so on. Because when the game starts...there will be nothing of those nostalgic teasers running around ur nose.  Nice one!! I love the one that looked like Thunderbird, though! Kinda wish there's one like Occamy, but that Midgard snake--I forgot it's full name--is cool and gorgeous!

Saw the movie already... didn't quite catch why there were so many people waring capes... waiting for ffxv to be release to fart like Marlboro. I'm so worried that this game is gonna be crap on my OG PS4. Makes me want a Pro so bad. But I'mma wait til after the game comes out and see what the deal is... Ordered the game on PSN a couple of weeks ago. I hope there's a pre-load for it, because it looks like it's going to be huge and I only have a five hour window each night to download things without snuffing out our data restriction.


FFXI Dragoon

I love my console. It's never let me down. And my character is forever stored away on ps2. All my log in information. I belonged to 3 linkshells. I miss it.  I've tried to log in, but for some reason my 'one time password' key is not working. I enter the numbers and it comes out as incorrect. Any ideas? I know the actual SE email and password are fine. i miss my pup, 96 only, never reach 99TT.Happened to me when I use to play, try this.

At the log in screen press the button on the token and after the numbers pop up wait and let it clear, then hit it again and use that number. Thanks guys. I contacted SE and had to resync my token. FFXIV Gil Everything good now. Chat with SE help desk they'll fix it for you. I wish they'd do something similar to FFXIV. Last time I jumped on for a free weekend all my friends where gone and my LS was literally empty. I by some miracle ran into an old friend from an old LS and ended up going to FFXIV for a while. I'd love to go back to that for a bit to see if a subscription is worth it still. I loved my FFXI Dragoon but FFXIV dragoon looked so pimp!

 These changes made this game a bit easier to play but at the same time, made it is a bit boring. I can't state the changes are good or bad. Bring it to ps4 campainge 😁🤓 Buy FFXIV Gil lolol i played this game for along time miss it for sure my lil'ru was one bad mama jama mage anything mage.

Really wish I could. Every time I install and try to play, I get the same crap error message. I miss this game and wish I could play it again. Come on guys. This game should be free for a long time, now.. It's become a ghost town thanks to all the dumb changes from Abyssea and onwards; that's what's changed. I miss this game so much! But can't go back, was emotional as hell when I quit. I didn't like the changes, that's why i quit. :\ Sorry Square.  Wish it was a little cheaper like 4.99 a month or something. It probably bring some people to being cheaper. Sure bring it back for my PS2 or my Xbox 360 and I'll play the game till the goblins come home. It would take me from now until the 12 th just to update that damn game.