rs3 was useable with eoc rs

 Why the haters? Jagex are only improving Runescape by introducing better visuals, and simplifying the GUI. I see sell runescape accounts no problem with with R3. Many people don't like change. But put yourself in a developers shoes.....what would you do to improve your players experience? How else would you look to create an engaging product?

Hey Phil, how are you? Could you tell me why are you sell rs accounts making people pay all over again the game by ruining the real RS and creating a new one for money purpose? Was it fun to crash one of the best games I have ever played with many thing to do, a lot of funny histories and quest, monsters to destroy and a very unique type of game play which was totally innovator? Rs was the game a played for longer o probably would be playing right now if it was anything like in 2005-2011. Quest was my favorite part in the game and I have to congratulate you for all you have done in this regard. I really miss it… (Sorry for any grammar problem).

Spin the Wheel and get an exquisite weapon--which doesn't even show up! All these people complaining about lag. I'm using a 6 year laptop that before rs3 was useable with eoc rs. I have 0 lag now and I'm playing on highest graphic settings.  That moment when your computer can't take the RS3 HTML5 Beta, but can handle Skyrim on Ultra. lol

 i have made a amazing video of the sixth age and i would love to share it with you is there a email i can send it to? Okay tbh, buy runescape accounts the NIS is hella epic and a great evolution to the game and Idk why theres so much hate on it? But, my question is: why am I lagging so much? Is it because you guys are constantly updating it with the new release, or because of the new client?


Complete a 5:5 floor with GudRsPlayer in UNDER 10 minutes

I'd not make a task that req's over 99 unless we toss that cape out all together. Elite does shouldn't req higher than mastery. True Mastery=120. 99 is Mastery. so reqs between 85-99 would probably be good for the elite here.

Description: Complete a 5:5 floor with GudRsPlayer in UNDER 10 minutes
Levels required to complete:none
Other content required: a lot of skill in the rs accounts for sale dungeoneering skill as well as possibly having to buy sub10 floors from somebody

Name: Floor-gator
Description: Beat a floorgazer in a solo elo match (Redbatt doesn't count)
Levels required to complete:none
Other content required: None

Name: Is that a Primal 2h or are you just happy to sell rs accounts see me?
Description: Equip a primal 2h sword
Levels required to complete: 113 Dungeoneering, 99 attack.
Other content required (if known):

Name: The Power of 'Ghartisan' (medium)
Description: Build a farming patch in the basement by collecting all required resources yourself. Then collect a magebane seed from sell runescape accounts a monster or a thieving chest in the dungeon and plant it in the farming patch. Once grown, create a Melee Potion with one of your magebane herbs and the other required ingredients. The other ingredients (empty vial and misshapen claw) may be bought at the Smuggler. Drink the potion to complete the task.
Levels required to complete: 10 Woodcutting, 10 Mining, 10 Smithing, 40 Herblore, 51 Farming
Other content required (if known): -


Jagex should remove skills in runescape

 Jagex should remove skills in the rs, that's probably why I never finish the game cause of them. if we all sell crown of seasons for high prices people have to pay high prices  so lets all flash mob w2 with super high prices until people have to pay that price!!!, lets all get rich!!! So this is gunna be a start of another god war? are we really prepared for runescape accounts sell this? Are we done through all the nerfs and now focusing on the game? Im stuck between Seren and Zaros. I need help deciding between the two.  being as your asking and say it would be easy for noobs one can only assume you are indeed a noob? Awesome. Looks like ceremonial god.

Well I'm not stupid enough to brown nose ex-mortals just because of their power. Saradomin the only true rs god.   After World Wakes i will chose either Guthix or Godless if those are options for upcoming events.  I love this picture. Zaros and his.... well you know.  I like Zaros, but I prefer Armadyl because he is like me. Question- will Jagex actually rs accounts for sale allow players to kill off the gods? I mean...If the Godless are strong enough to do it, would there be an update for a god dying? I feel like a lot of people would get pissed.  forget that just bring back guthix the ultimate god. Zaros, Saradomin, Zamorak and Bandos are too mainstream... ARMADYL!!! I still think Guthix as a head banging idiot. jagex check your email please someone hijacked my account and it was probably due to my constant world hopping to try to find a PARTY HAT! They're coming back? Not on my watch. hey man what the hell is going on I paid 5 mill for a starfury 2h sword an it don't even hit 800, I got 76 str and 70 att.   just follow the true GOD
the one that created Elder god sell rs accounts


i see Zaros as a god of the god's

Real power never dies. Find out more about the empty lord Zaros here! So is he like a new god? Or part of a quest sell runescape accounts? New items?

Zamorak was my favorite, but to know he had one god above him makes this even better. Looking forward to future updates involving Zaros. He isn't new, but he isn't as mainstream as the main three gods. I remember Bandos, Armadyl, and Zaros when they started gaining more recognition sell rs accounts, but I feel there may have been more gods added recently I do not know about. Dont you know about Zaros? the fearless god? Zaros has always been around, no one knew about his presence. My Empty Lord shall return.

 Zaros has the most powerful god oriented items in the game. The first mention of Zaros proper was when Desert Treasure was released, so Zaros has been around for about 8 years.  Zaros has been around since I think Desert Treasure, because if you look at the Ancient Staff, it has the same pattern as the floor in the Zaros room for Nex.  He was mentioned for the first time in The Digsite quest (2003), Then in Desert Treasure quest (2005), Azzanadra contacts Zaros in Temple at Senntisten quest (2009)

To me i see Zaros as a god of the god's. In the story it was his power the gave a berth to zamorak. Lord Zaros rules all.


Bring Home the Bacon a classic RuneScape quest

Today we're serving up a classic RuneScape quest experience. A good short quest, best one in a while - though there haven't been that many quests in the past two years.

sell runescape accounts

this new quest made me feel like i was playing.  Jagex, can you stop circlejerking over bacon? This isn't reddit; we don't appreciate when you say "L000L BAC0N SO GOOD!!!1," or words to that effect. The start of the quest was very weird and funny! Too bad it went to rs accounts for sale run there and here in the end. A good short quest, best one in a while - though there haven't been that many quests in the past two years. Can't believe quests like this one sit alongside ones like Brink of Extinction and the World Wakes. I thought it was rubbish.

Maybe in some distant future we will see mysterious pig abductions made by some short charactes in weird disguises. "When pigs fly..."

But the "Animal farm" series should evolve a bit before... A fun little quest, made me giggle a lot  Not exactly challenging but sell rs accounts I suppose it was novice level.

For some reason I'm craving a bacon sandwich.


I am not hating lodestones

Can we get a loadstone in the GE, please - walking from the Varrock Loadstone or the town square after teleporting is just to damned hard!You can actually set your varrock teleport (not lodestone) to the grand exchange if you do some varrock tasks.The POH makes Runescape accounts sell space in your bank. Those books alone would take up a lot of space.

In fact, however, the value of the POH has been diminished by loadstones. I haven't made one teletab since loadstones. The only time I use the teleport room is when I'm finished making flatpacks (which, as you know, are totally useless except for getting construction xp).

The point I had made wasn't just about the POH, it's that loadstones make other parts of the game redundant as well sell rs accounts.but if you can prove it, go ahead. Else why have the separate numbers?

And eh. There's always going to buy runescape accounts be a vocal minority that rages in the forums, for both good reasons (*cough* starborn diamonds *cough*) and bad. It gives a bit of a rose-tinted view of what the community likes and doesn't like, and shouldn't be used to make broad-sweeping statements about things like EoC and the like.

I do remember all the excitement when they announced that EoC was coming, though. Lots of positive reactions.Matchgirl, I am not hating lodestones, because some noobs will travel faster then I, when I was level 3.


I can't wait to see the new graphics and rs 3 live

Im excited!!!!! I cant wait to see the new graphics and the game live!!! I am little scared the bug that rs3 beta had with loosing items what happens if it happens again will jagex help rs accountts selling players?

Thats my only concern !!! thank you for ur hard work over the past year.Question! will Mac user's be able to run this as smooth as pc's and as how Rs2 is playing currently? or will we expect beta-like issues to be smoothened out in the weeks following?Its not ready! Its not near enough optimized!

Please, If it is optimized that you UPDATE the current BETA to show us that its ready! it's pretty much rs accounts for salea certainty that all the issues in the beta will not have been fixed.

RS3 is actually more complicated than those games. RS3 is the first game of it's size to entirely run in a web browser and using cutting edge html5 to boot. So one could argue, Jagex is being cutting edge on this one sell runescape accounts. RS3 is more than HTML5, they can keep on with HTML5 as a beta as far as I'm concerned as long as the NIS actual does it's job. Getting RS3 underway is the exciting part.

Besides, Jagex can't control Firefox not following the standard, and Mozilla is working on a fix supposedly. One good thing about RS3, with enough people behind it, Companies like Google, Mozilla, Microsoft may have to make their browser more standard compliant.Why can't we just stick with the current RuneScape? The RS3 interface sucks, and I'm not sure if my laptop can handle the RS3 graphics. 'm not going to be near a computer for a couple weeks surrounding the release date of RS3. Is this a disadvantage in any way? Specifically in regards to the world event?


lodestones ruining the gameplay of rs

Just thought of another spot - inside the dwarf mine just outside of the rope down to the living rock caverns, or one actually in the living rock caverns.Has nobody taken into account the endless number of games where you can just quick travel everywhere. all i ask is that they don't sell runescape accounts put them near "money making" spots. Wow, now what will be the point of questing now, all easy teleports are just given anyway. At least some of these should have high requirements to activate as well, and I'm not a high level player Runescape accounts selling.

I can tell by the 59k online on a Friday night your updates are working wonders on your player base. But it doesn't really matter to you this is they way your want it, down dirty easy and fast. Starting to realize you don't want long term players anymore your just in it for the fast cash now.Even then just make it where you have to charge the loadstones, like add law runes and the runes required for that area..... This way its not just a free telly to all of Runescape... It makes it way to easy to just click a loadstone and bam your there for free. I've played this game for 9 years and it just isn't the same anymore I use to love having to train magic just to be able to buy runescape account telly and use to love having to go to a bank and interact with other players to buy items now you can just type the item in and presto you can buy it. I hate loadstones, Grand Exchange and the tool belt.

It's funny to read players' complaints about lodestones ruining the gameplay. If you think that's true then simply don't use them. It's really hypocritical to say that cause I'm pretty sure that you are going to use them.


I made custom figs for my d3 account

I can't even see one hate comment yet people saying that it's not poorly made. Kudos to the creator of this figure well done!Love the figure, but a DH with two hand crossbows seems to not exist in D3..... (including mine)...

Diablo 3 items for sale

This took me a long time is bcus it's been a while since I made custom figs for my d3 account... it's not really hard to make custom figs of any kind ... just needs time and patience. If u like custom figs or like to see how things are done ... just add my FB ... Tq to the Diablo team for showcasing this ...

Wow cry more if saying the toy was poorly made hurts someones feeling they should probably not ever read trade chat in game.If everyone thinks its so bad why don't you go and make one yourselves? Its not a official action figure Blizzard is putting out its fan made. Jesus so quick to buy diablo 3 account tear down someones hard work without putting in the thought of how much time and effort that one person put into it.Nice toy, help me refund D3 so I can buy this!


campfire questions

Do you have a burning question?

You came to the right place! Post your questions for the Live Q&A event with the RuneScape Art Team here buy runescape account.

This thread will open around 4pm BST on the 4th of June. Please bear in mind before posting your questions that this is only a 1 hour slot therefore, Mod WHALEFIS, Mod AoB, Mod Alec, Mod Labl and Mod Honeyboo will do their very best to try and answer as many questions as possible.

 For the environmental artists: don’t you think it’s about time that the Fisher Realm got a much needed graphical rework? I think it’s one of the most outdated areas in the game graphics-wise right now… :o
How’s Falador looking on your monitors atm sell runescape accounts? Any small teasers you can give us?
Where do you get inspiration for making artwork. Some ideas come from real places?