FFXIV Monk and magic from BLM

 It's a buff so I believe it'll have a cool down.  That sounds awesome, actually! So, no more near-killing tanks when I forget to take off Cleric Stance? I swear, it only happens occasionally! I can already hear the melee classes complaining that they died because the WHM didn't pull them out of a puddle/aoe... Wait what? Pull them outta what now? Is there something else I missed? Stacy Payne There is a new healer cross-role ability called 'Rescue' that allows you to pull a player to your side-- so kindof like a reverse Aetherial Manipulation. They also removed accuracy as an equipment stat. So now you can re-prioritize your materia slots and meet cap easier Cheap FFXIV Gil. I read that! That's good. I guess then WHM is gonna focus even more on MIND from the sound of it? I hablven't gotten to any Savage mode stuff (yet. Got a friend trying to help prepare me)

"Rescue" ability seems like something people will use to troll, even the example they use is pulling a blm out of ley lines. I might use it to troll...it does sound fun to mess with friends. Probably cheaper on mana then all the rez's for dragoons and their favorite past time of tanking the floor and not dodging.  So black mage only gets triple swiftcast and one new void spell and the rest is the same? I think I may switch to summoner. I can't handle another year or two without the class changing much.I was already impressed by all the instant cast SMN spells, and then he invokes a fucking BAHAMUT!!!! OMG My fiancé mains SMN. He reacted like he was having a heart attack lmao.

I was hoping I would like the RDM mechanics. So far I really do. It looks like a lot of fun. Will we get a breakdown of all the new job stuff before the expansion hits? sigh so disappointed with BLM, FFXIV Gil nothing new except for that void magic. It's time to switch over to SMN or perhaps RDM. RIP BLM, you won't be missed unless you learn ultima or a derivative of meteor spell. I was hoping I would like the RDM mechanics. So far I really do. It looks like a lot of fun. Will we get a breakdown of all the new job stuff before the expansion hits?  I expected more mobility action from Samurai, Monk and magic from BLM. Rest are pretty decent but i think Red mage will rule the day,...

Amazing, too bad Square does not want ppl from South America to play it. Which each month fee i can buy a AAA game(because of taxes)  That doesn't sound like Square's issue.. Sounds more like the economic region when A realm Reborn launched we could easily buy play time, but then the web got shutdown and from that moment is really hard to play if u dont want to use your credit card(still taxes dough').


Blade and Soul Dragon Quest

 There's now a party finder option where you put your duty and people join or viceversa. Eorzea just keep getting better and better. If you'll return, wait for stormblood. My question is, when SE we give something free, as well as we pay monthly subscription, or if we want to change the race of our characters we buy a fantasy, etc. Buy Blade and Soul Gold we want them to give us something too, (do not take into consideration the veteren reward,) now for You are all money !!!  They couldn't have chosen a better screenshot to preview the dance? Her legs look mangled. Oh hey! is that the 2014 fanfest moogle outfit? I might actually pay for that.

Not nearly as good as having Ivalice moogles as a playable race, but the moogle outfit is better than nothing. Bring the Golem minion and other Dragon Quest items back to celebrate all these Dragon Quest games! I think if SE sold these things slightly cheaper they would make way more money. Super cute, I kinda want that adorable li'l Mog hat. was the Garo event reward put in the Mog station? (epic grammar right there!) do you need the expansions to play this game on playstation 4? i thinking on going back to the game and am wondering. nah, and I wouldn't expect it for a year or so really, event rewards take a long time to make it to mogstation.

Weird, I don't even remember that Garo event, that is the fanfest outfit and the pre order moogle cap right? I guess nothing is exclusive in this game.  LOL its not an "event" if it's permanent XD. EU aleays gets deals last of the three (NA, JP, EU). Just be patient and it will happen eventually. Well, if it makes you feel any better, Blade & Soul Gold when the prizes for anything are regional, NA gets the lamest ones. My only wish is that the dance would have been a little slower :) Other than that, looving it ^^.

Seeing as there isn't much to do on this game atm might as well Lol not sure why anyone would complain. Complain all you want they still have to do it.   Can we have Final Fantasy XI ported to ps4? Think this will help with latency issues in NA?  How about an Australian server, so my game doesn't lag.  I saw someone in my FC/Discord group I'm in post this. I think they are in talks about it. 


Final Fantasy is breaking through into other mediums

If you gave up several years ago youre missing out. Smackdown has had some excellent matches since the brand split. NXT is run by HHH and its where the best talent from outside WWE come and put on some of the best matches I've ever seen out of a WWE product. Sounds to me like you lost to them in ff14 bro, toss more money at them equips ya newb. FFXIV Gil  Ker Vang I don't play XIV. I'm a student and my income is limited to food, shelter, and books. In that order. The only way wrestling will improve is when they stop calling it wrestling and take it off the air. Yeah because jobbers hold tag team gold for over a year. This makes me feel more embarrassed than admitting I still play runescape.

Also anyone salty about this doesn't realize the exposure FFXIV just got thanks to Wrestlemania lol. ??"I swear guys I even saw Moogle and..." *checks the script* "C-Chocobo!" I don't care about this stuff but cool that FF is breaking through into other mediums. Kellina Syle - I can't decide if we should never play FFXIV again or give WWE credit.  I can't decide if we should never play FFXIV again or give WWE credit. .should I be concerned that I couldn't tell if that was CGI or not? Really curious as to what the audience/market crossover for WWE and MMOs is. When I was a teenager I was super into pro-wrestling and JRPGs. "3D" graphical MMORPGs were just beginning to become a thing, though.

People who don't hate fun. Cheap FFXIV Gil Sahlberg lawl, cant wait for a wwe event with the outfit as new glamour. Love that chocobo cart :D sure this was cringy but its great :) the publicity this game just got us huge. I hope they gain new players out of it. Sure they have no relation whatsoever but, just comes to show that FFXIV welcomes any type of player.  I don't even like WWE but i love that FFXIV is getting so much attention lol. Our game's getting hyped,Clearly you're unfamiliar with Godbert. Lol.

Ok how cool would it be if theirs was a WWE match with final fantasy cosplayers.  Is this what they are doing with our subscribtion money?  hahaha...the announcers were s o damn funny when trying to "act" like they know what they're talking about...hahahaha.  Can't believe final fantasy is promoting a wrestling video! Things you don't see everyday.  Xavier is a gamer. He plays some street fighter as well. I think he has a channel called up down up down. SE. Give us the damn Chocobo Cart. Or at least the Umbrella. That didn't look like a Red Mage it looked like an idiot holding some trumpet looking thing.


FF14 NPC for 72 quests

 Awesome! So I get to play talk to the NPC for 72 quests in a row again? Papalymo come back!!! I hope he don't leave the scion of seventh dawn . In order to seal this new threat he is giving up his life just as with his master did to bahamut. But I pray he doesn't turn onto a primal like we had with t12. That was an emotional cs.  Level 29 Gladiator. Just wish I could have more days off before my days are up.I know but he's a lovely character and I like Lalafells a lot  Level 29 Gladiator. Just wish I could have more days off before my days are up.  this is always my came back to game after a new one is released, and i get bored of it .

It is a little weird haha. If you go to the markets there's always people using the general chats. The main hubs like gridania, thanalan, Limsa, Mor dona, idylshire there is always general, say and shout chat going. At least my server. There's no general chat in 14. And no one wants to just use the shout all the time either.Um actually there is a general chat. It is just localized. Dependant on what area you are in. Who wants a general chat anyways? Have you ever been added to the novice network? FFXIV Gil Holy crap! Who wants to listen to that many people talk at once???  I wish I could dl patch 3.55b before then. Two days and counting  Is this game worth getting into? The subscription style payment has always stopped me. Looks interesting.

 Franky Thomas A business does not juice every dollar out of it's people if it is a good business. Buying the game, monthly fees, cash shops (very few P2P games even have one), Buy FFXIV Gil monthly fees for additional storage (Something I have seen no other MMO do), and now blu ray audio discs that cost 3x the amount of most soundtracks (which is bad because then it ONLY works on a PC or PS3/4 or a blu ray reader, cant use it in the car, cd player, stereo, etc)

probably because people complain about shipping charges, or the risks involved with international shipping. in my 18 years of buying things online from all over the world, Ive only had 2 negative experiences ... so for me, thats a pretty good track record. :Palace of The Dead, people usually leveling in there. Palace of The Dead (free exp) and he did it with his AST (Astrologian = healer class) POTD - Palace of the Dead; it's basically a sort of dungeon where you go in as a level 1 and level up inside of the dungeon itself. When you leave, you get a bunch of experience so it's good for leveling.


play a dps class in FFXIV

It's not like they can control dps queue times, if you want faster queues go in as tank or healer. and their excuse for no tank or healer in SB? "Players who usually play a dps class never played the new tank or healer class" It's not like they can control dps queue times, if you want faster queues go in as tank or healer.  There are so many different variables they can control to influence queue times. Shouldnt have to level a class just to get into pvp...As a tank, I can say I play tank a lot...Cheap FFXIV Gil hell I decided to change from maining a Paladin to a dark Dk recently. Wait so do you need to be top 100 to get these mounts? Or literally just partipate X amount of times in "The Feast" (Ranked) or is it top 100 players?

This game needs more casual content. This stuff is nice, but your not going to reel us into if there's not enough fun entry stuff to do, right now it's all just a grind. Such beauty. Too bad I'll never have it. But that's the value in those mounts. they're not something any player can ride!  I guess the feast's popularity is so low that now SE is giving amazing stuff to push people to do it? Lol what a joke. I'm fine with cool.mounts going to pvp. They dedicate their time to being good at pvp while others dedicate it to pve. hellhounds :O Now all we need is someone to make Sam and Dean winchester xD. Will there ever be a way to get Hellhound in future? I unfortunately missed out in Season 3...

Wish the mounts in this game started to be more unique, instead of just cheap - and ugly - reskins, in this case Fenrir's. Not all of us are without life n purpose to compete for top 100 in pvp
You made pve super casual for obtaining things why not pvp mounts? impossible for me to get those mounts, feast solo rank is alive for 1 month and half and then it dies. Trial is over?, Cheap FFXIV Gil cuz i wait all night for get a code and NOTHING. Let me get these with PvE. I will never play PvP. Lol.  I got a say World of Warcraft. Best pvp. Let me get these with PvE. I will never play PvP. I have a seasons pass but no Internet at home haha.

 Have you seen the new optional items that were added to the Mog Station? You may have noticed some adventurers on the ground in the various city-states... don't worry, they're fine! Selling optional emotes is just asinine, especially ones the role playing community has been asking about for months now. You've hit a new low. Because these things couldn't have just been added to the game... maybe behind a small quest? No no no... $7 a pop for emotes. That's disgusting, Square.  At least sell me a quest and not for $7 I mean damn I pay you enough every month for all my retainers.  If they're gonna sell them at least make them account bound, I'm not paying nearly $8 AUD to have it restricted to a single character, same with hairstyles and costumes.


try out Final Fantasy XIV free trial

In term of content this games lack it bad it call find stuff ppl want hunting gear fun stuff keep people intrested instead we get ex fight for mount and gear then there people who don't want no new bonus or learning party so people that want to enjoy all content will take hours cause no one really want to do them n help people to me this is wow rip off ask friends want go on adventure nah i rather do dungeons over and over to level up hunt gear FFXIV Gil for raids while 11 was more player friendly grouping up hunting nm going out killing stuff for exp starting all jobs at level 1 bring in new adventures while we geting new jobs thats half done not really anything exciteing to me reason why 11 had so much success was cause more player friendly working to with each player learning ropes of jobs all side fun stuff it has once you friends no longer on 14 you lose intrest as well so there no grouping up and adventering.

Thinking about buying it while it's on sale on the PS4 still worth it even if I'm just starting it.it seems my moogle has been going places lol Cher-Shark Hicks.Really sad to here. I played ff11 for only a month and Buy FFXIV Gil met absolutely amazing ppl. Ff14? Im close to a couple ppl after 3 years. Havent logged onto my main to play for 3 weeks now. Leveling an alt is helping with this severe content drought though.

"We decided to localize the free trial website into Spanish and Portuguese in an effort to lower the barrier to entry for users in Latin America who may be interested in trying out the Final Fantasy XIV free trial. Localizing the website offers those users an easier way to learn about the story, world, game features, and gives them a clearer understanding on getting started in the game. We do not currently have any plans to localize the game into Spanish or Portuguese at this time." I can taste the salt of everyone who said it was one job and someone else saying it was a different job...either way someone will be disappointed and complain more.

English is easy enough to understand. Stef Lemmens Im Spanish, and i totally agree with that, more ppl should learn English, not playing a game or just keep crying cos its not in Spanish is just embarrashing...  They don't even translate their live letters into English. Wish the game was as good for me as before maybe new classes like samurai will bring me back. It's a great game but I think I found my new mmo love for the time being ?? bitter sweet.


FFXIV open ports for the ps4

 I've try that,even open ports for the ps4 ,will be the fourth time I've diwnloaded the game, net seams to be fine, able too play everything else online and I have a lot of games,lol neverwinter works sweet as and its a mmo,so yeah Wtf ,might try just leaving on the black screen for a day.  So....we all get the exact same /blowkiss emote we already have...just with pink hearts? Cheap FFXIV Gil I'm guessing maybe some tacked on sound effect? Heck, I'm REALLY surprised the Most Gentlemanly emote doesn't have those loopy sound effects that happen whenever Hildibrand does it. But, still....a /blowkiss emote...with hearts.

 They have been recycling pretty much everything on HW... Thats why Im on a break... if next expansion doesnt change how predictable their patch content is, never coming back.  Not like there needs to be any emote at all. Or even an event.  that's square enix for you. wait till everyone sees that the only notable thing bloodstorm has to offer are the classes. Meh! Lame... emote recycled, a minion... and some crap for housing.... why are we not getting any good glamour from these events anymore?... smh, SE is completely slacking as of late.  Like clockwork, the boring comment that really doesn't offer anything interesting or insightful. You are slacking in double.

Hah, Felipe the white knight :D Cant take any negative comments about your favorite game? Grow up dude. Mika M?ki-Kauppila It's called fan boy, not white knight... Buy FFXIV Gil Yeah mika, nice try. Your way off on the white knight comment. Oh and I doubt you play FFXIV so F*** off. why should every event offer glamours as a reward ? plenty of events before have had glamour rewards, but god forbid there's one without, pointless whining imo. why should every event offer glamours as a reward ? plenty of events before have had glamour rewards, but god forbid there's one without, pointless whining imo.

I have final fantasy xiv on ps4, but unable to download patch files. Do I have to buy a vpn router to download? haha sowing kit. be sure to plant your seeds quickly and efficiently! Yaaaasss I'm finally done! Finished my White Mage ONE HOUR AGO. :D It took me over 70 hours to finish, so I'm very excited to wear it at the Fan Fest!  Phillip Gregory Anderson You can change the DNS servers on the PS4 to the google DNS and it will work.Do I have to delete some of my games? I have about 4.22 TB free space on my ps4.  God you guys need an editor. Square enix social media peeps are way off their game.Maybe they're growing White Mage weapons XD.