I been a fan and avid player of diablo since 1998

Why is this being posted? This comes across as an attack bad PR move guys  Dont we have forums for this stuff... so negative. So disappointed w this game. Pl100 with one character and 0 desire to ever play   d3 items again. Here's to longevity.... If you think this game is awesome, you must have an extremely sheltered outlook in the world of video games.Auction house n game joining killed D3, waited so long for this game after D2 and is still better buy diablo 3 account, what a rip off

Remake the game. Only way to redeem yourself.Some one in forums called this out a couple days ago: Blizzard bans bots right before business revenue quarter ends ( it's this Sunday) so that bots buy accounts back and boost blizzard earnings...Whitelist darkd3! It's just a mod that makes this game look like a true diablo sequal instead of rainbow warcraft! Diablo 3 is awesome! Thank you for keeping fair gameplay.

 I been a fan and avid player of diablo since 1998. I loved diablo2 and the expansion lod. I love diablo3 and look forward to an expansion. Never mind the cry babies your true fans are still here. Can't cheat in single player in a game you own because its always online. I'm sorry I ever purchased this drivel.

I can't believe people are stupid enough to try to buy d3 gold cheat the game...just enjoy playing an awesome game and an awesome company.Bots banned but I log in and d3 Walmart blows me up. My block list is full and they keep coming by the dozen after these bans. So where is the progress in this ?


The only reason that they add more lodestones becaused the want to expand the size of gielinor after the rs3 update!

It was mentioned in the around the campfire q&a...Because the increased draw distance makes more obvious the tinyness of Gielinor....dont forget the the curent map's size about 1,5-2 km2! (assuming that the player about 180 cm tall)- including oceans and everything.

So in long case we NEED this update...the everywhere teleports in the expanded worls wont be unnecesarry.21
I have to spend time travelling from a place to runescape accounts selling another rather than enjoying the game itself" I completely agree with you.

I almost feel like these lodestones are too easy. I know you have to get to them first, but once you unlock them, you have no need to purchase law runes anymore to teleport places. I remember purchasing hundreds of law runes just to teleport to the simple places. Now I just use to  buy runescape gold the lodestone and it just feels too easy. Is it too much to ask for less lodestones perhaps? Then maybe more teleports with certain magic levels. I know it's odd I'm asking for less of the easy way out, but when I teleport using magic, I know I've earned it.


diablo 3 guide for barbarian


Level 5

Heal is nice during early game but later on becomes useless. 4k heal every 30 seconds cheap Diablo 3 gold? Imagine that in Inferno... no use at all. Intervene is one of the reasons for which you would even consider picking Templar.

Level 10

155 life regen per second is not that bad I guess... though pick whatever you want here (if you are in need of slow, feel free to take Intimidate).

Level 15

Same here, pick what you prefer. Though i doubt that you will be able to equip your templar with decent 1h so that Onslaught is actually worth it... and charge got a potential to save you.

Level 20

This ability will save your life, same as Intervene so take it if you decided to pick templar. Inspire might be nice if you are going for pure dps, fury generation oriented build I guess...


I don't mind the SOF to be flooded with cosmetics

They have to publish them by law, but it won't be until the end of September and that one will cover up to 31 December 2012. They have to publish incomes, but do they need to specify from what ? Could be like 60 mil and we wont know, for example, 15 mil from membership and 45 mil form Sof.
Not everybody is against this. A chance for free XP? I'm all for it! I hope I get the Lamp of the Djinn, but if I don't, it'll be fun trying. I'm part of the community and I'm for it . Most everybody I know are buy runescape accounts excited for the possibility of free XP that these lamps can bring. Its just the naysayers who are vocal on these forums.

Jagex and Yelps, you rock. Don't listen to buy rs gold the naysayers.
To be honest....

I prefer cosmetics over exp and gp....
I don't mind the SOF to be flooded with cosmetics.

It's just that there are so many things are not necessary. True, but they normally break it down. Last year's was 'game sales', advertising and 'other'.

Even if they lump it in with game sales we'll be able to get a rough idea as I'm pretty sure membership numbers haven't increased.
Now this looks like the game for me
So everybody, come spin with me
'Cause we all need a little more exp
'Cause it feels so empty without Squeal


guide for barbarian diablo 3 friends

WW buid is using abilities that compliment each other and have great synergy

In short, you run fast and ignore unit colision with WW, tornados spin fast, meaning you crit often, which gives you fury from BR:ItF, which adds duration to WotB. Sweet.

To make the build work, first of all you need to get high enough crit chance for the BR procs. In general aim for 40-50% CHC, it rely varies, depending on how much fury you are generating besides BR:ItF d3 gold. See Fury Management section 2 pages above for details.
CHC can be further increased with OP: Killing Spree if you choose to use it. You can maintain 100% uptime with ease Diablo 3 accounts
Axe/mace also grants CHC with Weapon Master passive if equiped in MH, however Mighty weapon gives more fury, especially on low MP, at the expense of losing the dps that crits provide.


In its 3 second duration, 4 tornados are created that spin on 1 place and hit all enemies standing in it. The tornados only apear if you run a certain distance. Standing in place or moving slightly left and right or doing small circles won't spawn any. For the circular movement you can use a waypoint in town to pracice since its about the right size. Run around the outer edge and you got it right.

Learning how to place tornados correctly in situations that require it, takes a bit of practice if you are new to this ability.

There are a few basic movements with RLTW.

Running away from monsters, luring them into your tornados as they follow. This is mostly used on monsters with low HP.
Circular motion, mostly used on elites, big packs, high hp mobs or a single mob with large enough hitbox.
Moving back and forth in a straight line (left-right-left; up-down-up...) can be used in a narrow corridor or on a single mob of a smaller size. Some monsters are small and its harder to get all 4 tornados to hit them with buy Diablo 3 items a circular motion. If you move in a line with correct length, with the mob being in the middle of it, all tornados will be on top of each other. Requires practice.


blizz just keeps the middle finger on hold for us

Our inability to program is the sole reason all of our arguments are pointless. What gamer can actually have an opinion about a game? What do they really know about games? Since we can't program, I guess nothing. Good thing I can program in Z80, so basically everything I say will be in a bible of hate.

I didn't say your argument was pointless at all cheap D3 gold . I was just curious if you could do a better job...

Hahaha I love how every single comment is people bashing on D3. I seriously don't think the guys at blizzard even care that their fan base is dying faster than Any other game I've seen

After the nightmares that were Cataclysm, D3 and Mists I think blizz just keeps Diablo3 account the middle finger on hold for us . But will they make it up to us? Nope. Screw you Blizzard.

 I loved the pity clap for d3 during the Sony conference. No one likes your rubbish game.This game has won how many awards compared to D2? I don't even like D2 a great deal but I still respect it for what it did...this game was a total spit in the face to those who waited, and those that blindly accept this type of gaming as standard are why the industry will eventually keep setting the bar lower and lower...but whatever...maybe E3 will be a miracle...


strongarm arcane aninimations available

Seaweed hair and squid cape.....OF COURSE. Here's an idea, how about you make a free item for people that pay for membership. Ugh, just....ugh Not everyone plays throughout the whole year and this is nothing to cry about all the free items they offered so far seem to be the ones players are least likely to buy.

I don't get where this damn sense of entitlement from members is coming from.

They told you you'd get a free item every month. They didn't tell you you'd get the newly released items or the most cheap rs gold expensive thing in there. Hell, you're lucky to get anything at all.

When you pay for membership, you pay for an expanded game, not to be a V.I.P. player who gets everything handed to you.

Forgive my scepticisim but seeing is believing as their promises
mean nothing to me after what they have done in the past

That's exactly why people are angry. We were promised a free item every month. I was fine with the stupid crab emote buy rs accounts, and the even worse frog emote was still acceptable. Even the brutal club was nice despite the fact that I haven't used maces since before EOC when I could use prayer to train combat without food.

What is not acceptable is insultingly getting something for free that a sizable portion of the game's population already has gotten sell rs accounts for free in the not at all distant past.

The only thing that would be more insulting is if they gave us the "Thrifty" title, or the Festive Aura next month.

runescape feedback forum open

Where's the long promised update to standarise all types of bonus xp in-game? I think it would be worth releasing it before RuneScape 3 comes, so that the systems are prepared for all types of cool game content to come...

These have been now added:
Also, I want to remind you about off-hand black weapons that are unobtainable in-game, as well as off-hand leaf-bladed swords sell runescape accounts that should be a drop somewhere in Fremennik Slayer dungeon, but aren't. Thanks!

But you forgot about this:
And also wizard gloves that are unobtainable as well (cause you can't attack wizards in the Wizards' Tower)..cheap rs gold. and I'm not even sure if that's the end of the list of unobtainable items that only exist in the Grand Exhange and should be added to the game.


Josh Mosqueira has just stepped onto the Sony Stage

Game Director Josh Mosqueira has just stepped onto the @Sony Stage at E3 for a diabolical demonstration of Diablo III on the @PlayStation 3. Watch it live!
 lol diablo is starting and people are starting to leave

How could anyone possibly be excited for this? I think Blizz would have been better off announcing an expansion with major changes...or a new game altogether. Instead, PS3 EXCLUSIVE ITEMS LOLOL. So you are saying you prefer to have PS3 exclusive items as opposed to new cheap d3 gold  acts? Extended story?

Extra classes? You are entitled to "like" your meaningless marketing fluff, but I will still ridicule you for cheap D3 items it.

 Different people like things you don't, and you should be okay with that.


fight for Sanctuary

It's what the items are for, silly goose. Sure, the dialogue was a little silly at times.....but I still enjoy the storyline. Not my fault that you didn't like it. Some people like Twilight and I don't. But that doesn't mean they're wrong. You're a super silly goose.You mean the supposed items that are so amazing and almighty and unique compared to D2? How does that make the game rewarding and satisfying? You enjoy finding an item that SEEMS good at first only to have it roll an affix belonging to a COMPLETELY different class? Such as intelligence on a bow or strength on a staff? There IS no storyline, they killed off Deckard Cain in the most pitiful way imaginable. You are wrong on  diablo 3 accounts every count here. Check your eyes, mate.

his game actually does look improved in the console version and I would enjoy playing it. I have a fair amount of fun on the PC version and I think one of the things I look forward to most is being able to play local multiplayer cheap D3 items.

In my personal opinion, I'm thinking this is completely the style of game that would've benefitted much more from console gaming to begin with. Hope Blizzard does well with this ^.^

Eduard Bunaciu, you lost this one im on vincents side. XD also this is just another day on the internet , where everything is fine ... until you have a different opinion.

 William Ménard you should first understand the meaning behind the game and if you still dont like it then   cheap d3 gold its just cuz its not your kind of game but yet it doesnt mean that the game is bad its perfect in my opinion and i think that if blizz could have put it on iphones they should its simple gives u soooo many hours of fun and atleast the story line seems like not so diff from reallty if u know what i mean